Challenge #7 - Lucky Sevens

Time to branch out!
Even though this is one of the smaller classes (surprise, but winter T3s are always the smallest), this will be a challenge that can be done by a lot more people than usual.

This challenge is one that CANNOT be physically done by people who are already registered.  Instead, friends of those registered must submit (or share from your feed) a video to the event group.  Here are the rules they must follow:

  • One submission per person (NOT per registered person.  1 person = 1 video).
  • Video must be of them doing 30 burpees.
  • Must state in the video who they are doing the video for and that it's for the T3.
  • Whoever they're doing the video for will earn one point.
  • No more videos accepted past January 25th at noon.



Now, videos can be submitted from any location.  However, if any of these bonus locations are filmed in the video, some bonuses get dished out.  Once one of the locations get submitted, the bonus gets spent and cannot be done for that location again.  Points are given to the person they're submitting the video for.

  • At the beach - +1 point
  • In the snow - cadre must submit his own 30 burpee video
  • In front of a statue - +1 point
  • In another country - cadre must submit a 3 mile run
  • At a state border - +2 points
  • At a dock at a lake - +1 point
  • With mountains in the background - +1 point

If ALL SEVEN (get it, challenge 7?) bonus locations get submitted, the cadre will roll a six sided dice, and whatever number rolls up is the number of bonus points the whole team gets.  This is the week where you may want to bring other people into the class, by the way.  Never before has a challenge had this high of a potential for earning points!