Mandatory gear list and other important info!

Hello T3 attendees,


As we close in on the big event, the class no doubt shares a mix of emotions from apprehension, excitement and outright fear.  Normally big races out there feature a ‘race bible’ similar to what you are about to receive.  Since this event trains you for those kinds of events, it means it’s time to listen up and pay attention to every bit of detail given to you.


Don’t be late.  This is crucial.  Prepare to get a flat tire, last-minute errands, your cat catching fire, or whatever else would cause you to be late.   For every 5 minutes somebody is late, the entire team must do 30 burpees.  If you are 30 minutes late, you will be disqualified from the event.  No exceptions, no refunds. Better to learn this lesson at a $49 event than to learn it at an event you paid ten times as much to get in to.  So if you plan on not showing up and you don’t tell anybody, you will be on many people’s shit lists.  In order for this to be easy on everyone, we’ve got to keep this chaos somewhat organized and on time.
Exact location of the starting point is at
6630 Van Buren St
New Port Richey, FL

Bring water and nutrition.  Bring at least 2L of water (bladder or Nalgene bottle) with you to refill throughout the event.  You will not finish the event if you fail to replenish your lost calories either.  You’ve got a small break between laps to eat and refill.  If you don’t, you will not make it through this event.

Plan outside the event.  Are you riding with others?  If so, what’s going to happen if you DNF?  Will you sleep in the car?  Drive home?  What about when you finish?  You just went through hell and you plan on driving back home right afterwards?  Will you be awake enough to drive?  Plan for these things, please.  We’re not on the hook for your lack of prudence. Have a plan B.  Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. 

Time between laps.  You will be awarded a 9 (5 plus your bonus 4) minute break in between laps, and a 20 minute break after lap 2 (the 6mi run).  If you’re lined up and ready to begin the next lap before your allotted time is up, those leftover minutes can roll over towards another lap of your choice.  Failure to be ready after the allotted time will have a deduction from future lap breaks.  So have your nutrition, changes of clothes, bug spray, etc laid out for you to access and be done with efficiently.

Bonus lap.  There will be an OPTIONAL bonus lap happening at 9:42am.  Sometimes people are rewarded for doing this, other times they are just punished for no reason.  It’s a gamble. 


By 10:15am, you must be ready.  Here’s your first test.  Many endurance events require you to be organized right off the bat, so this will prepare you for just that.  You must be lined up in alphabetical order based on your last name.  Your ruck must be on the ground in front of your feet, handle facing away from you with your reflective bands attached to the ruck.  To the right of your ruck on the ground must be your ruck weight.  To the right of your ruck weight on the ground must be the remainder of your mandatory gear.  To the right of your gear must be your hydration source.  Team gear must be at the end of either side of the line of people.  You must be lined up somewhere on the sidewalk near the entrance to the recreation center (don’t block traffic please).  Be in swim gear, because we’re going to the pool right afterwards.  Do not screw this up.


Now, let’s talk about the mandatory gear list.

Each individual person must bring the following:

·         Gloves

·         Headlamp

·         Reflective belt on the ruck

·         Your most important race medal, headband, bib etc.

·         Index card with any medical issues that an EMT would need to know just in case something goes wrong, in addition to an emergency contact.


The team as a whole must bring the following:

·         The ‘Operation’ board game.  No missing pieces.

·         A magazine page cut-out of a car that’s worth over $100,000.

·         A picture of David Hasselhoff with everyone’s name signed on the back.  Make it fancy!


The team must unlock any perks (if they want to) no later than Friday at noon.

After the event, we will be selling Team Regiment shirts ($20) and flags ($40) to those interested in picking up some swag! 


Current team point total right now is 66