Points, perks, and other vital information

As of now, the team of six have accumulated a total of 55 points.  It's low (for now) but they can certainly make those 55 points work.  Challenges are becoming more team-oriented in order to force some dialogue between those registered.  So with that little bit of info out... here are the perks for this T3!


Next up is the geography test!  The last T3 saw the first ever satisfactory completion of the geography test.  Granted, it was done by one person and they were allowed one country wrong... it still technically counted as a completed challenge.  Will this team be able to study and correctly name all of the blank countries in this map?


For those counting, there are 31 blank countries on the map.  To avoid confusion, you do not have to remember the two Caribbean island nations just southeast of Puerto Rico, nor do you have to remember the tiny rendition of the Turks and Caicos islands, but you do need to remember where Trinidad and Tobago is.  Oh, and don't forget about the Falkland islands!

Each person can only name a maximum of 11 countries during the T3, so you can't rely on one single person to carry the team in this... just three.  

This test will be administered to the team when they are at their absolute worst during the lap of intellect.  That is a promise. 

Also, on the matter of the lap of intellect, the trivia subject will be....  America!  General trivia subjects like history, government, war, technology, etc. will be given.  Now since these aren't a singular topic that you can look for on Wikipedia, answering trivia questions will be a little different this time.  Instead of announcing the subject of the question and then asking for 2-3 people who feel confident in answering something on the subject, the entire team will be able to chime in on an answer.  Be careful, though.  The first answer that the instructor hears will be taken as the final answer... so it may be wise to delegate one person to do the loud talking.

Good luck.