Team Regiment

Here you will find not an isolated team, but an integrated effort to train all people of all teams to achieve their goals for whatever event they want to conquer through a united effort in obstacle running, rucking and more.  What started as two people training for a Warrior Dash in 2010 has evolved into a 400+ person team working hard to train people to complete anything from a Warrior Dash to GORUCK Selection. Very few members are true blooded members, though. We pride ourselves on being an elite but welcoming few who devote ourselves to training and mastering our abilities.  As for team demographics, half of us come from the obstacle course racing (OCR) scene, while the other half hails from the GORUCK community.


To obtain your red R you must complete the Tough Training Trials (T3) that are held 2-3 times a year. 

Join this ragtag group of desk jockeys, gamers, jocks, soldiers and housewives!

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Feel the pain of discipline, or feel the pain of regret.

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