Challenge #7 - Lucky Sevens

Time to branch out!
Even though this is one of the smaller classes (surprise, but winter T3s are always the smallest), this will be a challenge that can be done by a lot more people than usual.

This challenge is one that CANNOT be physically done by people who are already registered.  Instead, friends of those registered must submit (or share from your feed) a video to the event group.  Here are the rules they must follow:

  • One submission per person (NOT per registered person.  1 person = 1 video).
  • Video must be of them doing 30 burpees.
  • Must state in the video who they are doing the video for and that it's for the T3.
  • Whoever they're doing the video for will earn one point.
  • No more videos accepted past January 25th at noon.



Now, videos can be submitted from any location.  However, if any of these bonus locations are filmed in the video, some bonuses get dished out.  Once one of the locations get submitted, the bonus gets spent and cannot be done for that location again.  Points are given to the person they're submitting the video for.

  • At the beach - +1 point
  • In the snow - cadre must submit his own 30 burpee video
  • In front of a statue - +1 point
  • In another country - cadre must submit a 3 mile run
  • At a state border - +2 points
  • At a dock at a lake - +1 point
  • With mountains in the background - +1 point

If ALL SEVEN (get it, challenge 7?) bonus locations get submitted, the cadre will roll a six sided dice, and whatever number rolls up is the number of bonus points the whole team gets.  This is the week where you may want to bring other people into the class, by the way.  Never before has a challenge had this high of a potential for earning points!


Points, perks, and other vital information

As of now, the team of six have accumulated a total of 55 points.  It's low (for now) but they can certainly make those 55 points work.  Challenges are becoming more team-oriented in order to force some dialogue between those registered.  So with that little bit of info out... here are the perks for this T3!


Next up is the geography test!  The last T3 saw the first ever satisfactory completion of the geography test.  Granted, it was done by one person and they were allowed one country wrong... it still technically counted as a completed challenge.  Will this team be able to study and correctly name all of the blank countries in this map?


For those counting, there are 31 blank countries on the map.  To avoid confusion, you do not have to remember the two Caribbean island nations just southeast of Puerto Rico, nor do you have to remember the tiny rendition of the Turks and Caicos islands, but you do need to remember where Trinidad and Tobago is.  Oh, and don't forget about the Falkland islands!

Each person can only name a maximum of 11 countries during the T3, so you can't rely on one single person to carry the team in this... just three.  

This test will be administered to the team when they are at their absolute worst during the lap of intellect.  That is a promise. 

Also, on the matter of the lap of intellect, the trivia subject will be....  America!  General trivia subjects like history, government, war, technology, etc. will be given.  Now since these aren't a singular topic that you can look for on Wikipedia, answering trivia questions will be a little different this time.  Instead of announcing the subject of the question and then asking for 2-3 people who feel confident in answering something on the subject, the entire team will be able to chime in on an answer.  Be careful, though.  The first answer that the instructor hears will be taken as the final answer... so it may be wise to delegate one person to do the loud talking.

Good luck.

Challenge # 6 - Artsy Fartsy

We're almost two weeks away from party time!  This challenge is going to be a 'fun', so let's dive right in.  

Right away, you're not going to earn points with this challenge.  Instead, you're going to be given a choice if you succeed - one of two perks specific to this challenge will be unlocked:


Do you take those precious four minutes of reprieve in between laps?  Or do you rally your team to catch up on some of the challenges that have since expired?  Think very hard on this one!  


  • Now, here is how you unlock the perk.  You must count by running! 
  • In a route that is at least three miles long, you must submit a run where your tracked path draws either "1", "2", or "3". 
  • In order for this challenge to be completed, all three numbers must be submitted IN ORDER (that means talk to your team and make sure you don't screw it up). 
  • This must be done before noon on the 17th of January.
  • One entry per person.
  • To unlock BOTH perks, count all the way up to six.

Challenge #5 - Chilly new year!


May 2018 bring you all joy and fun...except for the 27th of this month!  Hopefully that day will be absolutely frigid!  To prepare you for the potential cold, you've got a quick challenge to do by the end of this week before temperatures rise again.  You must complete TWO of the following exercises before January 6th at noon, and the temperature at the time of the exercise must be at or below 55F.

  1. 30 burpees outdoors in under 2 minutes
  2. At least 4 mile run outside
  3. Jump in a pool or lake (please get warm and dry immediately after!)

Completing two of these will give you a point.  Completing all three before the due date will get you an extra point!  Pretty simple challenge, eh?


Keep up the good work everyone!

Merry Christmas!

As promised, a Christmas gift is due!


All of those who have bravely registered already are given THREE points to their name!  Also, if three challenges are completed from now until new years, the perks will be revealed early!

Challenge #4 - The 12 days of Ruckmas

We're a week away from Christmas!  To many, that means lots of eating and consequently.. lots of pounds added!  The T3 requires you to have a rucksack filled with 18% bodyweight, which means every pound will be returned to you in a mean way come January.  To let that idea sink in (I know, I'm a holiday buzzkill just roll with me for a minute here), we're going to do a special Holiday challenge!  Your video submission will comprise of either a countdown or a count-up of the following exercises while donning your ruck:

  • 12 burpees
  • 11 jumping jacks (4-count)
  • 10 push-ups
  • 9 mountain climbers (4-count)
  • 8 eight-count bodybuilders
  • 7 flutter kicks (4-count)
  • 6 stationary lunges (2-count)
  • 5 squats
  • 4 seven-count manmakers
  • 3 shoulder ruck presses
  • 2 situps
  • 1 loud "HO HO HO"!

Each exercise can have no more than 15 seconds break in between.  Let's talk rewards.  Submitting this challenge before Chrstmas at 11:59pm will result in you earning FIVE (!!!) points.  No challenge has ever rewarded an individual this many points before, and these will definitely benefit you later on.  Think of this as that moment when the professor winks and nods that something may or may not be on the exam.  If you haven't registered yet, you can still submit your challenge video and be given your points as soon as you register.  Submit your challenge in the event page or email your video if you fancy that, too.

Here is a video of the challenge:

Challenge #3 - All about you!

This challenge won't be physical whatsoever, yay!

The T3 is a not only a trial for our current and aspiring members, but also a celebration of them.  We strongly believe in getting stronger every day and this event aims to be the embodiment of that.  So what challenge #3 consists of is simple... tell us about yourself!  Here are some good talking points:

  • What was your hardest event to date?
  • Kind of tying into the first question, but what was your biggest struggle you've overcome?
  • What do you expect to get out of the T3?
  • How did you hear about this team, and what do you expect from it?
  • What are your goals after this?
  • Why do you do this?  (I'm sure you've been asked this hundreds of times by now)

Now, you don't want to give short answers as if you're answering a survey obviously.  Just be yourself and have fun!  Those who do this (there's no due date) will get a quick and easy point!

Also, anybody who registers from now until December 17th will automatically enter the T3 with three points :)

Pregame challenge #2 - Run!

Challenge 2 is going to be as basic as it gets.... you run!

The T3 will have a mandatory 6 mile run.  There will be a timehack for that run which will be the average of the entire team's finish time.  To acclimate you for this, challenge 2 will be fairly simple in that you must track and complete a 6mi run without pausing at all.  Here are the rules:

  • No treadmills
  • No due date
  • Completion grants you 2 points
  • One submission per person
  • If six submissions occur before December 15th, perks are revealed and become unlockable
  • Submit your challenge to the event page.

Pregame challenge #1 - Burpees!

As this event helps train you for some of the other big events out there, getting comfortable with burpees is a vital mindset to be in!  Instructions are in the video.  Enjoy!  Be sure to submit all challenges to the event page!


Now that we've got a good internet connection, you may check out photos of this event at our Facebook page!

It was an amazing day, and it was always a pleasure to see everybody overcome such daunting struggles.  You're all truly an inspiration and I hope you take these lessons to heart.  Earn your rest, but keep moving forward!  This is just the beginning!

Wrong again

Twelve dice rolls. Tempers are flaring. Lap four almost claimed a victim. If this person gets it wrong again, it's likely they will drop. 

Take 3

Only three failed the second attempt.  Ten dice rolls now and they run back again 

Not that good

Onky a few got the first set of quotes right. So plus one dice roll and they must all come back again