Challenge 8 - Represent and rally!

We're getting closer to our day!  That means it's time to spread the hype and get in the spirit of funishment that awaits us all!  Each person has one chance to wear their team regiment attire at any OCR from now until the T3 for one point.  Running through the entire event with the team flag will net you two points!  

(No you can't wear the shirt to one and the flag to another. Go all out!) 


Also, any new people who register from here on out will automatically start with one point!  

Challenge 6 progress

As promised, here are the revealed perks!  The team currently has a total of 68 points, and has completed three of the possible locations of Challenge 6.  So far they have done burpees in front of a college entrance sign, NinjaFit Gym and last but not least... cows!

Challenge #7 - The CCR

One of the first things you hear at the opening 'speech' at a T3 is that we're not a team that demands exclusivity or for people to abandon their 'old' team and be with the good ol' red R.  One of our many goals is to promote involvement in any team that helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Citrus County Ruckers is one of those teams who are actually putting on an event of their own on the 29th of July called the CCR mini, which is a 6 hour teambuilding event similar to GORUCK.  In fact, one of the GORUCK cadres will actually be attending this event!  This is a perfect way to promote local teams and other GORUCK affiliates (like us).  The best part?  The event is free.

Even better?  Finishing this free event will net you a lovely two points!  You can RSVP here.  

Challenge #6 - See the world!

What amazing world we live in!  This next challenge will require some sightseeing (you're welcome). The objective is quite simple actually.  You must take a video of you doing ten burpees in under 23 seconds in front of various objects and landmarks.  You may only have one submission per person, so you can't rely on just one person to do all the work for the team. Here are the locations that will qualify as a landmark for this challenge:

  • Ninjafit gym (with one of the owners present in the video yelling at you)
  • The entrance sign to a university
  • The beach
  • In front of a fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft (no small models) 
  • Entrance to a state park
  • Entrance to a national park
  • Lake eola fountain  
  • A gazebo that's painted blue
  • A life sized statue of a person
  • A brewery
  • State border sign
  • A cow


There is no due date for this challenge.  Here are the rewards in terms of successful locations completed:

  • 2: perks unveiled
  • 3: +1 point for everyone
  • 5: +1 point for everyone
  • 7: +1 point for everyone
  • 8: Due dates removed from all past and present challenges(Can't redo them)
  • 9:  -1% bodyweight ruck weight
  • 10: people can be up to ten minutes late to the t3 before penalties kick in.  
  • 11: random perk unlocked.  


Challenge #5 - The days of the week.

It's good to see that people read instructions!  Challenge 4 was deceptively titled 'Burpees' for 'murica, but the instructions were for eight counts.  Nobody did burpees, so that means that basic instructions are on point!  Let's get started on challenge #5, shall we?  

There are seven days of the week, so we're going to name them off!.  Your video submission needs to be in the event page, still.  On to the bullet points.


  • When you do seven reps of whatever exercise, you must say the day of the week after you finish the workout.
  • You must do these back-to-back.  No more than a 7 second break in between the days.
  • You can have a 14 second break between exercises if you repost it on your timeline explaining what the challenge is.  Ya know, free advertisement for others to join you in the funishment!
  • You must do this with a ruck with 18% bodyweight.
    • Monday - Burpees (Go easy doing ruck burpees.  Don't hurt your knees)
    • Tuesday - Push-ups (no knees)
    • Wednesday - Mountain Climbers (4-count)
    • Thursday - Squats (2-count)
    • Friday - Flutter-kicks (4-count)
    • Saturday - Eight-counts
    • Sunday - Jumping Jacks (4-count)
  • Challenge due Thursday July 13 at  11:59pm

Reward: 1 point

Bonus:  +1 if it's done at NinjaFit Gym

Challenge #4 - Burpees for 'Murica

Happy 'Murica day folks!  Challenge 4 will be a simple one. You are to do a video featuring 20 eight-count bodybuilders. However in order to earn the one point that you will earn for completing the exercise, you have to have fireworks going off in the background. Challenge submission is due July 5th at 11:59pm, just in case the July 4th fireworks get rained out.  

Challenge #3 reward unlocked

Well, that was easy.  As promised, here is the info dump!

  • Running route has been posted earlier.  Study it and learn it well.  Don't die.
  • Trivia subject for this T3 will be the solar system.  Subjects will include the following:
    • Major moons
    • Planets/dwarf planets and their basic features
    • Names of major missions and what they did (e.x. Voyager missions, New Horizons, etc.)
  • Team has earned one "Pass" on these trivia questions.
  • The geography test for lap 4 will be based on the grayed out countries below and the red-dotted micro-nations as well.  Each person will get to label no more than five countries when it's time to take the test.  Sorry, you can't just depend on one studious person to carry the brains of the team.  By the way, no T3 has ever 100% passed the geography test.  Punishment for failing the test absolutely sucks and you really, really want to get this one right.  Don't die.



The 6mi trail run for this event will be especially brutal, and it is by far the riskiest run of the T3.  If you do not pay attention to your route, you WILL get lost.  There are multiple routes on the course that are blazed with a different color.  Do not screw this up.  Save this information because if you get lost out on the course and take an extra 20 minutes to finish, that time spent will burn the other team via your failed timehack.  

Information on the 6mi run can be found here.

Challenge #3 - Unlock the secrets

This challenge is a zero point challenge. Instead, the reward for completing this challenge is a treasure trove of information that you'll receive that is helpful to your T3 success. Normally you get this information much closer to the date of the event, but if you work hard you guys can reap the reward of knowledge!  Here is what must be done. 


  • Video yourself doing push-ups. No knees allowed.  
  • Do as many proper form pushups in two minutes as you can.  
  • Use the army-approved resting positions if necessary. Look it up if you don't know it.  
  • A total of 220 pushups must be done among the group.
  • Every post (in the event page) must state the teams total before and after.  
  • Do your pushups at ninjafit and get an extra 3 bonus pushups added to your total. One of the employees must be present in the video for it to count.  
  •  Challenge is due no later than 11:59pm on July 4. 

Reward:  Trivia subject, geography test and running route will be revealed.  Team also earns one "pass" on their trivia questions during the T3 if they don't know the answer.


Challenge #2 - Beat the heat

It's on the back of everyone's mind... the heat.  The 6mi run at this T3 will no doubt be the hottest, most miserable run in T3 history.  Heat exhaustion is a serious concern and a very legitimate one.  If you plan on completing this run, you'd better not have this run be your first run in the heat.  Here is where challenge #2 begins.


To adapt you to the conditions you'll be facing at the T3, here is what you'll be doing.

  • Complete (and track) a 4-6mi run in the afternoon.
  • Do not pause your run if you have to stop.  Time it all.
  • Completing the run earns you 1 point for 4 miles, 2 points if you make it past 6.
  • There is no due date for this challenge, since many people are usually working during these hours.  (This likely means the majority of you will not be motivated to do it.  This is by design and meant to make you quit at the T3 when you realize you should have done this challenge).