Now that we've got a good internet connection, you may check out photos of this event at our Facebook page!

It was an amazing day, and it was always a pleasure to see everybody overcome such daunting struggles.  You're all truly an inspiration and I hope you take these lessons to heart.  Earn your rest, but keep moving forward!  This is just the beginning!

Wrong again

Twelve dice rolls. Tempers are flaring. Lap four almost claimed a victim. If this person gets it wrong again, it's likely they will drop. 

Take 3

Only three failed the second attempt.  Ten dice rolls now and they run back again 

Not that good

Onky a few got the first set of quotes right. So plus one dice roll and they must all come back again  

Second number test

The team got the egg assembled in record time!  However seven got their numbers wrong.  Burpees are being done right now.  Up next is the geography test. 

Connection is poor at this location and the touch screen is difficult to use in the rain. Sorry. Text only for now.   

Easter egg exercise!

One person must assemble a plastic Easter egg puzzle while the rest of the team gets wrecked by something similar to whistle drills. Here is the field they must endure the pain.  

It's pouring!

After some uphill low crawl and number redeption, they're setting out to Indian run to the next point where they'll have the geo test. 



Lap four begins

They must run out to the water and get wet up to their neck at least.  For every minute they take, a diceroll is added to their total count.  What are dice rolls?


At the end of the lap, a dice will be rolled and that's the total burpee count they must do at the end. If they pass the geography test, that dice roll is with a six sided dice.  Otherwise it's an eight.   


Game on.  

Don't be slow

Every so often, the isntructor stops and turns on the stopwatch.  When the team catches up, the time stops.  If the total time hits 45, casualty carry occurs.