The team at the Georgia death race

We had an absolute blast volunteering this year at the GDR!  75 Miles of grueling trail runs meant most folks finished in around 21 hours. It was an absolute pleasure to not only volunteer for check-in and mile 44 station (winding stair), but support run for other runners too.  

See you out there next year when we once again flip our roles and compete as runners!  


Congratulations to our new team Elites!

Eight started, six finished.  The New Port Richey "Team Hasselhoff" has completed the T3!  Start time 10:15am, finish time 12:40am the next day.  They were the first team to incur no penalties after the six mile run and they were the very first team to unconditionally score a perfect score on the geography test as well! 

Everybody learned what they're good at, and where they weren't so good at.  With the right mentality of focusing on the present task they absolutely dominated this event!  Please welcome Bob, Bailey, Val, David, Leo and alumni Rob to the tribe!


The T3 is upon us!

Ladies and gents, our signature event is upon us!  Tomorrow we will celebrate the accomplishments and strengths of eight candidates as they spend the entire day going through the Tough Training Trials!  You can catch up on all of the live updates over at our updates page.  Be sure to comment on some posts and your message will be relayed to them!

Another meetup, another great day!

We were back at the little big econ state forest to complete the masters of all terrain half marathon virtual ruck/run!  Our meetups are starting to grow more and more as we inch closer to some of the big races!

Our goal is simple - stronger every day.  Our victories of the past will not win our games of the future!


New year's fun!

Happy New year!  2018 is going to be an outstanding year for us all!  Our Orlando group decided to celebrate the new year with a nice chilly group run!


T3 Challenges are rolling along

Challenges for the upcoming T3 are slowly but surely rolling through and the class is gradually (too slowly in my opinion) earning their very necessary points.  Here is a video of challenge #4 if you want to get a peek into what they're doing!

What an incredible weekend!

The second weekend of November has been remarkable for our team!  So many events, and so many goals crushed! 

World's toughest mudder was a test of will in which three of our elites managed to get their 50 mile bib over the 24 hour period of the event!  Desiree, Scott and Neil even completed the Rock N' Roll half marathon immediately after completing WTM!

Back in Florida, Savage race was an absolute blast!  The obstacles were incredibly fun as always and we even had some folks make some age group podium placements!

GORUCK was brutal as always, but Elites Leslie and Heidi (both HTL finishers, mind you) were well prepared for whatever their weekend had in store for them.