T3 Perks Unveiled!

If you haven't been following the T3 pre-game challenges, you've been missing out!  The team has just gotten their event perks revealed to them with a current team point total of 68.  Think you have what it takes to complete this event?  Sign up at our events page! 

More adventures of the red R

We've had our patch in the mountains, Europe, the Caribbean and even in a T-45 Jet, but elite Lauren showed us a new badass place that our patch has now graced - the forbidden city! 

Pre-game challenges for the Wekiva T3 are coming!

After an incredible victory for our AWESOME team over the last couple weekends, it's time to steer our attention to the upcoming T3.  (Major kudos however to Heidi, Kaitlyn, Matt, Mark and Leslie for all completing their goals of the HTL or the Agoge!)

Our first set of pregame challenges are to be issued out on the campgrounds of the T3 camping weekend, so be prepared for some wilderness fun.  Think you have what it takes to be a part of the team?  Prove it.

Team Regiment is blasting off again

It's so hard to keep up with the insane endurance events that our elites are undergoing every single weekend, but the last week has been extra special.  Elites Carey and Heidi braved the insanity known as the Infinitus out in the green wilderness of Vermont last week.  This weekend, a whole other slew of Elites/crazies will be coming out to Vermont once again, but for the Spartan Agoge.  Matt Dolitsky and Mark Wing will be representing the red R out there, so wish them luck!  Back in our home state of Florida in the same weekend, Elites Kaitlyn, Heidi and Leslie will be undergoing a similar long trial of pain known as the GORUCK HTL.  Will all of our Elites reach their goals this weekend?  We'll keep you updated with their progress as the weekend rolls by.  Either way, these are the kinds of winners that'd rather live a life of "oh well" instead of "what if"!

Doorway chin-up bar discount

One of the best ways you can train your grip strength to tackle the obstacles at an UltraBeast involves pull-up training.  Time and time again people are forced to do 30 agonizing burpees on an obstacle that should otherwise be a piece of cake (and done in 10-15 seconds) if they only had the grip strength.  Doorway pull-up bars are an inexpensive and easy way to train, especially when you wrap two towels around the bar and grip the towels as you exercise.  Fortunately, the cost of owning one of these bad boys has gone down by 38%.  Amazon is having a special on one of the high-quality ones!

LOTS of new Ultrabeast locations lined up for 2017!

With the NJ Ultra Beast looming over the horizon in the coming weeks, it appears that Spartan has been working hard to put more UB events into this year's lineup as well.  For the first time, Breckenridge and Dallas will be venues for the UltraBeast in the US, with MANY more across the world!  With all of these new venues around, you'll definitely see some major changes to our all-encompassing UB prep guide to account for some of the easier, flatter venues such as Dallas and whatever European/Australian courses have to offer.  Here is the current list of venues for this year:

  • 4-29 - NJ Tri State
  • 6-23 - Australia (townsville)
  • 7-01 - France
  • 7-15 - Slovakia
  • 7-22 - Scotland
  • 8-05 - Hawaii
  • 8-26 - Quebec
  • 8-26 - Brekenridge
  • 9-16 - Vermont
  • 9-23 - Sun Peaks
  • 9-30 - Tahoe
  • 10-06 - Australia (bright)
  • 10-28 - Dallas
  • 12-02 - Mexico

No word on the medal design this year, but my guess is that you will likely see the generic belt buckle design with the location stamped on it as well.  Nevertheless, you'll definitely see it posted here!