LOTS of new Ultrabeast locations lined up for 2017!

With the NJ Ultra Beast looming over the horizon in the coming weeks, it appears that Spartan has been working hard to put more UB events into this year's lineup as well.  For the first time, Breckenridge and Dallas will be venues for the UltraBeast in the US, with MANY more across the world!  With all of these new venues around, you'll definitely see some major changes to our all-encompassing UB prep guide to account for some of the easier, flatter venues such as Dallas and whatever European/Australian courses have to offer.  Here is the current list of venues for this year:

  • 4-29 - NJ Tri State
  • 6-23 - Australia (townsville)
  • 7-01 - France
  • 7-15 - Slovakia
  • 7-22 - Scotland
  • 8-05 - Hawaii
  • 8-26 - Quebec
  • 8-26 - Brekenridge
  • 9-16 - Vermont
  • 9-23 - Sun Peaks
  • 9-30 - Tahoe
  • 10-06 - Australia (bright)
  • 10-28 - Dallas
  • 12-02 - Mexico

No word on the medal design this year, but my guess is that you will likely see the generic belt buckle design with the location stamped on it as well.  Nevertheless, you'll definitely see it posted here!  


We've seen a lot of new faces lately

You've no doubt seen our banner flown at many events, and some of you have been given our website but you still had that look on your face that said you've got a lot of follow-up questions about the team.  If you need to get in touch with our team's head honchos, feel free to contact us!

See you all at Savage Race this weekend!

The Florida Savage Race is upon us!  Be sure to look for our tent in the festival area to socialize, run with some of our heavy stuff or score yourself some sweet Regiment swag!  Look for the tent with our giant flag on it and come say hi!

Team Regiment at Ruck Across America

GORUCK is doing something awesome called Ruck Across America.  In this long relay event, 'deuce' (the name of the 30lb ruck) will be rucked across every state in the US.  Team Regiment Elites Sarah, Heidi and Leslie were fortunate enough to contribute to the long trek during the east coast Florida leg of the route.  Not only that, they represented the red R along the way!  Excellent work everyone!

10 started, 10 finished

In what was expected to last 15 hours, the Mt. Dora class CRUSHED it in only 13 hours!  Most time hacks and performance standards were blown out of the water, and some long lasting memories were forged!  For a timeline of the activities that happened that night, be sure to check them out in the T3 Live Updates page.

It's time...

Ladies and gentlemen, the T3 is upon us.  Starting at 7:02am tomorrow, our Live Updates page will be delivering out photos and text updates of the adventures of the Mt. Dora Mayhem class!  Hope to see you there!

Winter Agoge - Congratulations to Regiment Elite Matt Dolitsky!

Over the weekend while most of us were enjoying a nice warm weekend at Warrior Dash, our good ol' pal Matt Dolitsky managed to conquer the Winter Agoge!  After 60 hours of sub-freezing temperatures in the Vermont wilderness, he learned an array of skills that will no doubt guide him in both his athletic ambitions as well as his life ambitions.  

Our elites astonish us every day :) 

Hello to everyone we met at Warrior Dash!

Warrior dash was a blast!  Thanks to everyone who showed up to represent the big red R, including some of our elites that ran multiple laps and even one elite that LUNGED the entire course over the span of 7.5 hours!  

If you were one of the many who got our card, you can ask whatever questions you'd like about our training meetups and events over at our Facebook group page.  Just request an invite and we'll get you in!