Announcing the next Tough Training Trials!

It’s that time again! The Tough Training Trials will once again happen at Wekiva Springs! Only this time it’ll be happening in the wintertime!

January 25th is the date of this fateful frigid event which will feature some new challenges and a new take on one particular lap that should throw some chaos in to the mix…

Think you have what it takes to be a part of this crazy thing? Come join us in Florida in January and see if you’ve got what it takes!

Danielle's Killington Ultra Story

Regiment Elite Danielle wrote a really good take on her adventures last weekend in Killington! You can find that amazing piece here at Muddy Warrior Chick! More articles will be coming in the near future as well as some new tips and tricks in our UB strategy guide, of course!

Find us at the 2019 Killington Ultra!

Only one week until the ultra! If you’d like to hang out with our team, feel free to look for any one of our members carrying the team flag throughout the day on the Thursday and Friday before the event!

If you find one of us, we’ll be giving out some free swag in the form of EliteOps energy strips!

The 2019 Death Race - After Action Review

What a crazy journey it has been! As promised, the first of the personal reviews/reports have now surfaced! Plenty of photos and video are linked into the story so that you’re not bombarded with the 30,000 words that summarize the journey that was the Death Race!

Through the next week or so, more photos and minor edits will no doubt be added to the story. You can read the story in it’s entirety here or by clicking the graphic below. Enjoy!

Team Regiment at the Death Race - the results!

WOW! What an incredible event with some incredible people! This was one of the longer Death Races - spanning into the 69-70 hour range. There is too much to write up here, but you can definitely expect an AAR by at least one of our folks who were out there.

Death Race 2019 Finishers - Wil and Neil made it!

Death Race 2019 Finishers - Wil and Neil made it!

Team Regiment in the house!

Team Regiment in the house!

Everybody did incredible! Wil absolutely crushed just about every challenge out there, especially towards the end when he went nonstop through the Denali challenge, inspiring others to pick up the pace! Here are the final stats of our team at this year’s event:

Leo - FINISH (Unofficial)
Dawn - 30+ hours

Every member of the team has a very unique story to tell, which will no doubt circulate the interwebs in the coming weeks. As our chapters end on this year’s Death Race, our team now looks towards the next challenge on the horizon…
The Killington Ultra!

Team Regiment at the Death Race - Neil

Ten days until showtime! This time we have DR veteran Neil! For the full article on his 2018 DR experience, check out the article here.


Q: Have you ever done any events similar in length and difficulty before?

A: Aside from last year’s Death Race, I’ve done a couple GORUCK heavies and the Georgia Death Race twice now (not affiliated with Spartan Death Race).

Q: What do you think your strength is for this event?

A: My attitude. I recall moments during last year’s Death Race where I was actually fighting back tears - not of pain but of bliss. My mindset is that I’m ridiculously lucky to be out there, and I’m super excited that I’ve finally stopped doubting myself and went for it. I’m coming into this year with the same mindset. For more on that, just scroll back up at my picture. I’m smiling and scarfing down food like Frank Reynolds while everybody behind me is showing their poopie faces :)

Q: What would be your weakness coming into this event?

A: I’m not the strongest, nor the fastest… but I know that I can suffer more than anybody at this thing. It’s hard to pinpoint a weakness until it’s right in front of you. Last year it was when I was stuck at the back of the line at the elimination low crawl round and I had to get top 12 against some really short and fast crawlers (I lost). My lower back and shoulder strength suffered a lot last year so I’ve been working on those areas on the nights that I lift as well.

Q: What brought you to this event?

A: Ever since I heard about this event back in 2012 I thought that it was something I could have never even attempted. I saw incredible athletes catastrophically fail at this event back when I could only run a 5k. Mile by mile, hour by hour I’ve been training myself for this very event for the last seven years.
Everything has brought me to this event.

Q: Who is your teammate ?

A: The man who dared to mile at freaking GORUCK Selection - Wil Daniels! I asked him to be my DR partner first because I saw him encounter his greatest weakness, fail at it, and at the same time I saw that light bulb go off in his head. I saw myself back in 2013 when I got my chip pulled at the Killington Ultra (an event he finished) for missing the cutoff by four minutes. He’s experienced failure when he’s so used to winning and he has let that refine instead of define him. That’s the mindset I need alongside me at this event. He’s practically fireproof from all the hell that he’s been through already.

Q: Do you and teammate have any unique strategy?

A: Don’t get frustrated. Smile when others are frustrated and bring other people up. If we’re hurting big time and somebody asks how we are doing - we freaking lie. Never admit it or it’ll become too real of a burden to handle.

Q: What was the most difficult event leading up to the DR?

A: Definitely the Death Race of last year. Getting 50 hours into it took it’s toll on my body but I’m happy that my mind was still incredibly sharp.

Q: What is your WHY for the DR?

A: I’ll let my personal write-up do the explaining on that one.

Q: Do you have any other big events after the DR?

A: Beating my records for past events that I’ve done. I want to podium my AG at the Killington Ultra and finish the Georgia Death Race in under 20 hours. I’ve also got my eye on some full ironman events as well as a few 100 milers here and there.

Team Regiment at the Death Race - Wil

It’s that time again for another athlete highlight! If you haven’t been acquainted with Wil, he was that guy at GORUCK Selection that was smiling!


Q: Have you ever done any events similar in length and difficulty before?

A: I've done a double heavy with GORUCK that was 48 hr. made a attempt at selection, I've run 100 miles. But this I know will be a unique experience.

Q: What do you think your strength is for this event?

A: Strengths, well really not sure. I know everything will be a challenge in the beginning but as the days go on and the hours tick by you just have to keep moving and just let the want to be there and experience the death race will be a diving factor.

A: Weakness, the training for the event. The not knowing what is waiting for you. It's not like a running event where you know the miles, you know the time you just have to go make it happen.

Just go put in work, cover the miles. keep moving is usually the plan. But the death race throws in a lot more mindfuckery     

Q: What brought you to this event?

A: I've looked at this event for a long time never really had the push to sign up. Then it went away, then watching Neil Murphy last year gave new drive to wanting to compete in it this year. And to have the opportunity to be a partner with him in this years DR is epic.

Q: Who is your teammate ?

A: The one and only Neil Murphy, really and truly the only person I would want to do a endurance event like this with. The only name that comes to mind when I think of someone who I would want to be beside working and pushing each other past the point of self preservation.


Q: Do you and teammate have any unique strategy?


Q: What was the most difficult event leading up to the DR?

A: Goruck Selection, when I think back its not the event that's the hard part, yes its hard, yes there is a lot of work. But its your own mind that you have to deal with.

Q: What is your WHY for the DR?

A: There are a lot of WHYs for this event. But the one that stands out the most is camaraderie and building relationships with people that can only understand cause they were there. they endured they crawled, cried and dragged themselves back up to keep moving.

I look at the DR as a event you don't just decide one weekend I'm going to go do off the couch you have to really want it.

To be in the backwoods of Vermont.

Because it's the DR. it's like the Super Bowl.

Because I have someone that I know is more committed than anyone out there for a partner. 

Q: Do you have any other big events after the DR?

A: I have my eye on a couple events but right now they’re top secret .

GORUCK Normandy Star Course 75km

Our team did it! Goruck star course 50 miler in Normandy is complete! We even had a team come in 5th out of 55! 
Major shout out and respect for these badasses who represented our team to pay homage to the true badasses that put it all out on the line 75 years ago!


Team Regiment at the Death Race - Dawn

For the 2019 Death Race, we’re going to be represented by four different athletes! Our first featured athlete just recently completed her T3 and will also be the first to be under the spotlight! Welcome, Dawn!


Have you done an event of similar length and difficulty?  It’s hard to say as this is my first Death Race and we don’t really know how long it’s going to last.  I’ve done the Spartan Agoge, which is a qualifying event for the Death Race and took place in the same area.  Based on reading about previous events, and not knowing exactly what will happen at this one, this will likely be the most difficult.  

What do you think your strength is for this event? Your weakness?  I think my strengths are that I’m willing to put up with a lot of crap, I love being outside, and I’m great with 80’s song lyrics.  My weakness is absolutely going to be the weather and getting wet and cold in the mountains.

What brought you to this event?  I’m always looking for the next thing, what’s more difficult, more miles, more weight?  I want to see how far I can push my body and mind.

Who is your teammate:  My teammate is Katherine Danko.  We’ve never met in person, but we are FB friends and she’s such a strong person that I thought she’d be an amazing teammate.

Do you and your teammate have any unique strategies? Nope, just don’t quit and don’t get cut.

What has been your most difficult event leading up to this?  I did the GORUCK Extortion 17 HTL last year.  It was by far the most difficult event I’ve done.  It’s a 24 hour event (Heavy), followed by a 12 hour event (Tough), followed by a 5 hour event (Light).  We spent almost the entirety of the HTL doing PT and rucking in the sand at Jacksonville Beach, usually carrying a Zodiac and various slosh pipes.  You have a few hours of break between each event, which makes it more difficult to go back and start again.

What is your ‘why’ for the Death Race?  Well, I’m not getting any younger…j/k, I like doing things outside of my comfort zone.  It’s fine to do stuff that you are good at, but you really find out who you are when faced with difficult tasks.

Do you have any other big events happening after the Death Race?  I’m currently registered to run the Chicago Marathon in October and to ruck the GORUCK Jacksonville Star Course 50 miler in November.  I’m looking at TPK Endurance 3 in Arizona in January 2020 and GORUCK Team Assessment in June 2020. I hope to do a couple Ironman 140.6 events in 2020 as well.

Our elite ladies doin' work!

At the GORUCK memorial day event this weekend, the only Regiment Elites that were in the class were ladies - and badass ones at that! They fought through sweltering 100+ degree Florida heat indexes in the middle of the afternoon and powered through some serious PT and rucking. To get an idea of how serious the heat was, multiple people dropped and one person even had to take an ambulance ride to the nearest hospital (she’s doing fine now, though!)

Good work, ladies!