Introduction to Lap 0 of the T3

Through the next month or so, we will be giving short little snippets of what kind of general things to expect in each lap.  Though we don't want to give away all of the secrets of what you'd be facing at a T3, it's always nice to have an idea.  First up... Lap 0.  The water PT.

Challenge 1

UltraBeast article update

The ever so useful UB prep guide has received an update to account for the Tahoe UB as well as some other lessons learned from racing the UB for the last four years.  Formatting and fancy graphics still need to be implemented, but the wording and content are there for you to learn from.  Since that article alone accounts for half the website traffic, you will no doubt benefit a lot from it!

Check out the article here.

Team flags are back in stock!

After much demand and no supply, our flags are back and they are even higher quality!  This time, they're double sided!  Though this means they're a little heavier, they are much more durable and vibrant in color.  You can snag one for yourself at our store!

They're yuuuuuuge

They're yuuuuuuge

Cat not included.

Cat not included.

GORUCK Black Friday Deals

You picked the wrong week to save money... just sayin'.

GORUCK has a sweet deal going on for just about all of their gear.  In addition to that, you can score 25% off their Light and Tough events with discount code TEAMR25.  Check out their entire Black Friday page here.

Avoid knee pain when you run in a short 1 minute video

"Running is bad for your knees"
"I can't run, my knees are bad"
"blah blah blah, knees..running"

We've heard it all before to the point where it's a common annoyance to anybody who has non-runner friends.  However, we're all human and have the same set of muscles that if not trained properly can turn you into that very person complaining about their knees.  Fret not, concerned runner.  For here is a quick easy to watch video to address these concerns, courtesy of Techinsider:

GORUCK Veteran's Day Sale

GORUCK has long been an affiliate of our team, and it's always nice to see them posting discounts to their gear.  If you haven't indulged yourself with their rucks, clothing or other gear, now is a great time to get 20% off on it all.  Now, we prefer you guys get the black and red ruck to represent our team colors, but if you get anything else we'll pretend we never saw you press the "add to cart" button :) 

Check out their discounted stuff here.  Enjoy!

Hello New People!

Another race weekend has gone by with more and more of our crazy teammates running multiple laps while carrying heavy stuff.  It's gotten to the point where a teammate podium finish has become so commonplace that we fail to recognize it every week!  

Nevertheless, many of you were introduced to our crazy team over the last couple of weekends, so we'd like to welcome you all to train with us in our never-ending quest to become stronger every day!  If you'd like to be a part of the fun, please request an invite to join our Facebook group and we'll be happy to help you with whatever goals you have!  All fitness levels are catered to on our team, so long as you're willing and motivated to pursue your passion! 

Tahoe Ultrabeast and Killington 2017

In a stark contrast from Killington, ALL THREE Regiment Elites who attended the Tahoe World Championship Ultra Beast completed the event and earned their buckle!

On the same note, it appears that registration and a date have already been opened up for the Killington 2017 Sprint, Beast and Ultra Beast weekend on the 16th and 17th of September!  If you'd like to get in on the action, you can do so here.  

The 2016 Ultrabeast story is well underway, as well as a major overhaul to the preparation article to account for high altitude and colder temperatures, so stay tuned!