1.5L Hydration pack for 50% off

Occasionally there are nice little deals hidden throughout Amazon.  The most recent little gem discovered comes in the form of a nifty little 1.5L hydration pack that's pretty well suited for the upcoming Ultra Beast events.  If you're still looking for a pack, it'd be best to snag one now and get used to running with it.  Remember, the guide says never try anything new at a big event. 


Even better is that this purchase is through Team Regiment, meaning that in addition to scoring this bad boy 50% off, the team gets a cut of it as well.  If there's one thing we've learned it's that hosting events and a website ain't cheap.  So affiliate links like this one and GORUCK help tremendously and we thank you awesome people every day for helping the team out :) 

Team Regiment jerseys are officially here!

What's that noise coming from far away?  Why that's the roaring sound of the HYPE TRAIN, bringing you awesome people some high quality customized OCR/ruck jerseys!  What is this craziness?   Just check out the awesome photos below:

After picking your jaw up from the ground, your next thing would be to find out where you can score a sweet getup like this.  Look no further, and enjoy!

Congratulations to our April 30th T3 finishers!

This past Saturday we had another of our Tough Training Trials to forge some new elites into our ranks. 10 people withstood 15 hours, a ruck of 18% of their body weight, constant physical training, endurance, and feats of intellect. We are proud to introduce 8 new Team Regiment Elites! Let’s give a huge welcome Lenny Dodski, Travis Hunt, Chris Hoffarth, Rachel Hunt, Hollie Tufts, Raiden Kaneda, Sarah Sarita and Lina Lineros.

Gearing up for the weekend

This Saturday is the beginning of the second April T3!  The class size is larger and the anticipation is incredible!  Starting at 9 est, 12 people will embark on an insane 15 hour long set of trials that will test every aspect of their minds and bodies.  Will they all emerge with their red R and be forever included into our exclusive team of elites?  Follow our live updates to find out!

Congratulations to our new elites!

After 15 hours and 10 minutes of pure fun, 7 teammates came home with a patch that signifies their entry into a small and very elite group of athletes.  Of those 7, 3 were new to the team while the other 4 decided to come back for some lovely continuous learning.  Big congratulations to Nate, Greg, Kris, Donna, Missi, Robert and Scott for their amazing accomplishment!  

In two weeks time, we're going to see another team attempt the same daunting task.  If you'd like to catch up on what happens at a T3, be sure to check our live updates page.

T3 Classic begins TOMORROW

Our team's most celebrated event is happening tomorrow!  There are a total of 8 aspiring and returning elites that wish to earn their R and etch their names into the halls of legends that mark our team elites.  You can watch the action through our live updates page all throughout the day tomorrow!  

Three elites finish HTL

Those in the GORUCK community are all too familiar with the daunting task of completing a GORUCK Heavy, let alone a Tough and Light immediately afterwards.  Yesterday, of the 14 who made it to the end, three were Regiment Elites.  We're incredibly proud of you all!

GoRuck Heavy / 24hrs and 35 miles
GoRuck Tough / 14 hrs and 17 miles
GoRuck Light / 4hrs and 6 miles!
44 hours and 58 miles completed!

Perks revealed!

As is customary for the T3, once a registration threshold has been reached, the perks shall be unveiled.  The T3 in the past did not have bad perks, which means only good perks will be available at this event (this is a good thing).

There will be a separate perk list for each class to utilize.

It begins

As promised, when the first 5 register for either T3 the pregame challenges will officially begin.

As of this morning, that number has been reached.  Let the games begin.

This will be the shortest time window of challenges before the actual event, so expect multiple challenges to be posted at the same time.  If you'd like to follow the challenges or perhaps take part in these challenges yourself, head over to the T3 Live Updates page!

Not one... but TWO T3s!

So we had a crowd of people request the original April 30th T3 get moved to April 16th.  Once that happened, another crowd suddenly came out of the woodwork saying that they wanted to register, but they could only have made it to the one on the 30th.  

Well, we've got both crowds covered, now.  

We're going to be going all out this time and we're going to host TWO T3s just weeks apart from each other!  Same place, location and time of the day.