Ingress themed rucks!

GORUCK has done it again.  

They have released into the wild faction-themed rucksacks as well as faction themed ruck plates!  What a time to be alive :)  If you want to take a look at all their ingress themed ruck stuff, head over to their page here.

In case you weren't following

The next T3 is already up to 15 people registered!  It seems that the favorite venue resides in St. Augustine, still.  Nevertheless, if you'd like to participate in the action you can find more information on our events page.  If you'd like to spectate the event from the comfort of your home, feel free to stay up to date with our T3 Live Updates page!

This guy just won

You know that contest we've got where you show off your red R patch in cool places?  

Yeah... well Regiment Elite and Navy pilot Jorge just won that contest.

Regiment Elite Matt Dolitsky completes the AGOGE 60!

This amazing team is at a loss for words.  The accomplishments of this athlete never cease to amaze us, and the realization that he's on our team is always a humbling and honorable feeling to have.  Congratulations, Matt.  You have once again made us pick our jaws back off the ground from your insane accomplishments.

The next T3 has been officially announced

Registration is now live for the next Tough Training Trials!  This one will be at the beautiful St. Augustine beach in Anastasia State Park in Florida.  This will be the first night ops event as well, meaning it'll be starting at 6:30pm on a Saturday, running into the morning on Sunday!  We've had four T3s at this venue before and it's starting to become a second home for us.  From beaches to inlets and even the dense woods, this T3 venue feels like it came straight out of a hunger games battleground design!

You can follow the updates to this event on our live updates page.  If you're daring enough, you can register for the event yourself and see if you have what it takes to claim your red R patch!

Few people hold the coveted rank of elite in Team Regiment. Do you have what it takes to earn your red R and join the ranks of these elite members?  Whether you think you can or cannot, you're right.

The T3 is a 12-15 hour, 15+ mile team-building ruck, run, and obstacle event that is divided into five themed laps that train, test and challenge every aspect of your mind and body. This event is designed to prepare you for big events like GORUCK Heavy, Spartan UltraBeast, World's Toughest Mudder and other similar high-caliber events out there. Think of it as a sampler dish with various elements of big events put into one big training event.  Sound like your cup of tea?  The trials you will endure are as follows:

Lap 1 - Water challenges

Lap 2 - Feats of strength

Lap 3 - Feats of endurance

Lap 4 - Feats of camaraderie

Lap 5 - Feats of intellect


Aspiring elites are expected to bring a backpack/ruck consisting of at least 20% body weight (we'll have a scale), a headlamp and some clothes to get wet and sandy in.  You will be provided with food and drinks after every lap is completed, but you're welcome to bring your own creature comforts with you if you so desire.


Those who make it to the end (people have and will quit) will receive the coveted red R patch and the rare honor that only the elite get to share in Team Regiment. Nobody has said this was easy, but everybody has said it was worth it. 

Here is the rest of what you need to know:


Where:  Anastasia State Park.  St Augustine, FL.

Who: No more than 20 per class

When: 6:30pm until 8:30am or later the next day.

Cost: $49 (Regiment Elite and T2 finishers get $5 off)

Basic rope climbing techniques

Over the weekend, NinjaFit Gym (owned by Regiment Elite Kendall) let us use their facilities to film our latest instructional video - how to climb a rope!  Weather you're doing an OCR, crossfit session or training for bootcamp, now you've got two techniques at your disposal - 

1.5L Hydration pack for 50% off

Occasionally there are nice little deals hidden throughout Amazon.  The most recent little gem discovered comes in the form of a nifty little 1.5L hydration pack that's pretty well suited for the upcoming Ultra Beast events.  If you're still looking for a pack, it'd be best to snag one now and get used to running with it.  Remember, the guide says never try anything new at a big event. 


Even better is that this purchase is through Team Regiment, meaning that in addition to scoring this bad boy 50% off, the team gets a cut of it as well.  If there's one thing we've learned it's that hosting events and a website ain't cheap.  So affiliate links like this one and GORUCK help tremendously and we thank you awesome people every day for helping the team out :) 

Team Regiment jerseys are officially here!

What's that noise coming from far away?  Why that's the roaring sound of the HYPE TRAIN, bringing you awesome people some high quality customized OCR/ruck jerseys!  What is this craziness?   Just check out the awesome photos below:

After picking your jaw up from the ground, your next thing would be to find out where you can score a sweet getup like this.  Look no further, and enjoy!

Congratulations to our April 30th T3 finishers!

This past Saturday we had another of our Tough Training Trials to forge some new elites into our ranks. 10 people withstood 15 hours, a ruck of 18% of their body weight, constant physical training, endurance, and feats of intellect. We are proud to introduce 8 new Team Regiment Elites! Let’s give a huge welcome Lenny Dodski, Travis Hunt, Chris Hoffarth, Rachel Hunt, Hollie Tufts, Raiden Kaneda, Sarah Sarita and Lina Lineros.