Tahoe Ultrabeast and Killington 2017

In a stark contrast from Killington, ALL THREE Regiment Elites who attended the Tahoe World Championship Ultra Beast completed the event and earned their buckle!

On the same note, it appears that registration and a date have already been opened up for the Killington 2017 Sprint, Beast and Ultra Beast weekend on the 16th and 17th of September!  If you'd like to get in on the action, you can do so here.  

The 2016 Ultrabeast story is well underway, as well as a major overhaul to the preparation article to account for high altitude and colder temperatures, so stay tuned! 

Killington Ultrabeast - The Regiment Elite aftermath

Of our five Regiment Elites taking on the VT Ultra Beast, none made it to the end. This is a gut-check that we're all too familiar with, and one that will embolden our elites to strive for redemption and then some. Expect to see these elites accomplishing great things in the near future at events like Fuego y Agua, Tahoe and the Georgia Death Race! However, our VT Regiment Elite story doesn't end there.

The beast was a course that brought the same soul-wrenching, emotionalDNF to Elite Rachel in 2015 and proved to be an immense struggle for Heidi as well. Our elites being who they are learned from this and trained even harder, backed by a new found hunger that could only be discovered by leaving behind an old visage of themselves on the mountains to make way for a new and motivated version of themselves. Despite their injuries and despite knowing full well how awful a DNF feels, they came back and took on the Killington Beast. They stuck together, motivating each other to continue towards their redemption and through grit, will and hunger they both earned their medals! Not only that, but Travis (another Elite) waited at the finish line to personally hand Rachel that medal!

Congratulations to ALL of our Killington Elites! We will see you out there once again in 2017!

(Not pictured:  Chad and Josh)

(Not pictured:  Chad and Josh)

More UB updates

Vermont is just around the corner, and if you haven't brushed up on the guide, now is a good time.  

Speaking of Vermont, expect athletes guide to come out this week!  The following items will be addressed:

  • Water Stations
  • Pack filling stations
  • Cutoff times

Some other interesting points are that bag check will not be available for UB racers, and that there will be NO assistance in the transition area.  One can venture to guess that these same rules will apply to Tahoe as well.  

Ladies and gentlemen... our T3 Night Ops finishers!

It is an honor and a privilege to introduce our newest elites and multiple finishers of the T3 Night Ops!  It was by far the most effective and competent class ever.  They went above and beyond and did everything they could to keep each other glued together as a single unit.

Two more days until the T3!

Ah yes, the T3.  Also known as Regiment Christmas!  The team of 26 have spent months accumulating points via pre-game challenges, unlocking perks along the way to make their night of hell slightly less miserable.  Here is where they stand regarding the perks:


Their total point count is currently at 40, which is divided evenly among the team, with the extra remainder points going towards those who registered earliest.  T3 live updates will be rolling through the entire night of the 20th until the morning of the 21st over at our T3 Live Updates page.  See you then!

Vermont Ultra Beast Updates

The updates have started to trickle through!  This first scrap of info comes from the Spartan Instagram. 


One of the big shockers of last year's Killington UB was the absence of the iconic Tarzan bridge swing over the freezing lake.  Spartan's unofficial response cited the prohibitive cost of having multiple lifeguards manning the obstacle for the weekend as to why they didn't have it in 2015.  That has since appeared to have changed. 

Hope your grip strength is up to par, because this obstacle will be the burpee-maker for about 90% of those attempting it.

T3 Updates

Things are starting to solidify for this event!  The team is currently at 34 points after unlocking easy cards, and challenge #8 is well underway!  The class size is now at a record 25 participants and it's looking like we're going to have two instructors for this event to make sure things go smoothly.  To make things fun, we're going to be having door prizes at the end of the T3 that each person will roll the 120 sided dice to win.  Here are the current prizes that we're giving away:

  • TWO free entries to any GORUCK light or tough of your choice (Ingress event works too)
  • Free entry to Mud Titan, which is happening on the 27th of August
  • BattleFrog arm sleeve
  • USMC Camelback
  • BattleFrog head scarf