Team Regiment Events
(and affiliate events)

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T1 - Every week (FREE)


East Orlando:

Monday (5pm):  Sprint / run speed training + hills
Wednesday (7pm):  Obstacle 5k run
Friday (8pm):  Long distance run

Want to join us?  Feel free to contact us!



Eagle Lakes Freefit - 4325 canby drive , Melbourne, FL, 32901, MON-THU - 6pm

Monday - Thursday:  6pm (summer schedule only), WOD lasts 1-1.5 hrs, participants 2-8 people per session.



Friday night ruckus hosted by regiment elite Travis H.

Saturday/Sunday - Training by Madeline.  Join their group or contact her for info!


T3 - Next one TBA



Don't know what to expect in a T3?  Head over to our videos and pictures section to get a glimpse of the action!

mud run fun