Challenge # 6 - Artsy Fartsy

We're almost two weeks away from party time!  This challenge is going to be a 'fun', so let's dive right in.  

Right away, you're not going to earn points with this challenge.  Instead, you're going to be given a choice if you succeed - one of two perks specific to this challenge will be unlocked:


Do you take those precious four minutes of reprieve in between laps?  Or do you rally your team to catch up on some of the challenges that have since expired?  Think very hard on this one!  


  • Now, here is how you unlock the perk.  You must count by running! 
  • In a route that is at least three miles long, you must submit a run where your tracked path draws either "1", "2", or "3". 
  • In order for this challenge to be completed, all three numbers must be submitted IN ORDER (that means talk to your team and make sure you don't screw it up). 
  • This must be done before noon on the 17th of January.
  • One entry per person.
  • To unlock BOTH perks, count all the way up to six.