Challenge #5 - Chilly new year!


May 2018 bring you all joy and fun...except for the 27th of this month!  Hopefully that day will be absolutely frigid!  To prepare you for the potential cold, you've got a quick challenge to do by the end of this week before temperatures rise again.  You must complete TWO of the following exercises before January 6th at noon, and the temperature at the time of the exercise must be at or below 55F.

  1. 30 burpees outdoors in under 2 minutes
  2. At least 4 mile run outside
  3. Jump in a pool or lake (please get warm and dry immediately after!)

Completing two of these will give you a point.  Completing all three before the due date will get you an extra point!  Pretty simple challenge, eh?


Keep up the good work everyone!