Challenge #6 - See the world!

What amazing world we live in!  This next challenge will require some sightseeing (you're welcome). The objective is quite simple actually.  You must take a video of you doing ten burpees in under 23 seconds in front of various objects and landmarks.  You may only have one submission per person, so you can't rely on just one person to do all the work for the team. Here are the locations that will qualify as a landmark for this challenge:

  • Ninjafit gym (with one of the owners present in the video yelling at you)
  • The entrance sign to a university
  • The beach
  • In front of a fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft (no small models) 
  • Entrance to a state park
  • Entrance to a national park
  • Lake eola fountain  
  • A gazebo that's painted blue
  • A life sized statue of a person
  • A brewery
  • State border sign
  • A cow


There is no due date for this challenge.  Here are the rewards in terms of successful locations completed:

  • 2: perks unveiled
  • 3: +1 point for everyone
  • 5: +1 point for everyone
  • 7: +1 point for everyone
  • 8: Due dates removed from all past and present challenges(Can't redo them)
  • 9:  -1% bodyweight ruck weight
  • 10: people can be up to ten minutes late to the t3 before penalties kick in.  
  • 11: random perk unlocked.