Challenge #7 - The CCR

One of the first things you hear at the opening 'speech' at a T3 is that we're not a team that demands exclusivity or for people to abandon their 'old' team and be with the good ol' red R.  One of our many goals is to promote involvement in any team that helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Citrus County Ruckers is one of those teams who are actually putting on an event of their own on the 29th of July called the CCR mini, which is a 6 hour teambuilding event similar to GORUCK.  In fact, one of the GORUCK cadres will actually be attending this event!  This is a perfect way to promote local teams and other GORUCK affiliates (like us).  The best part?  The event is free.

Even better?  Finishing this free event will net you a lovely two points!  You can RSVP here.