Challenge #5 - The days of the week.

It's good to see that people read instructions!  Challenge 4 was deceptively titled 'Burpees' for 'murica, but the instructions were for eight counts.  Nobody did burpees, so that means that basic instructions are on point!  Let's get started on challenge #5, shall we?  

There are seven days of the week, so we're going to name them off!.  Your video submission needs to be in the event page, still.  On to the bullet points.


  • When you do seven reps of whatever exercise, you must say the day of the week after you finish the workout.
  • You must do these back-to-back.  No more than a 7 second break in between the days.
  • You can have a 14 second break between exercises if you repost it on your timeline explaining what the challenge is.  Ya know, free advertisement for others to join you in the funishment!
  • You must do this with a ruck with 18% bodyweight.
    • Monday - Burpees (Go easy doing ruck burpees.  Don't hurt your knees)
    • Tuesday - Push-ups (no knees)
    • Wednesday - Mountain Climbers (4-count)
    • Thursday - Squats (2-count)
    • Friday - Flutter-kicks (4-count)
    • Saturday - Eight-counts
    • Sunday - Jumping Jacks (4-count)
  • Challenge due Thursday July 13 at  11:59pm

Reward: 1 point

Bonus:  +1 if it's done at NinjaFit Gym