Challenge 4 - Your Biggest Challenge (so far)

Time to depart from the physical challenges for a little bit and focus on the personal side of things - you.


What motivates you?  What brings you to these kinds of events?  I'm sure you've had your concerned relatives and friends ask why you even pay to do these things (ugh), only to respond with a half-dismissive reply.  To many of you, this event will be the hardest event in your life... so far.  We stress time and time again that champions are NOT born atop a podium, but they are forged by overcoming an immense struggle that every other normal person would bow out of.  It's time to learn a little bit about each other.  Here are the rules:

  • Post on your regular timeline what your greatest physical challenge was, including a photo of you and your finisher medal/headband/buckle/whatever.  Obviously tag Neil so he knows you did this.
  • Let them know that this is for challenge 4 of the T3, and link them to the event description.
  • Challenge is due Friday the 13th at 6pm.  Submission for this challenge earns you a point.
  • That's it.  I just wanted to make another bulletpoint to make this challenge seem complicated.  Have fun!