Challenge 5 - 30 burpees

Notice how these challenges are getting really simple?  

Enjoy it.

So this one is a pretty basic one.  Normally, burpee challenges are done where you have X amount of minutes to do however many burpees you can crank out.  Now we're going to reverse it.  

  • Complete 30 burpees in however long you can.  No extra points for going fast.  So relax, right?  I mean, if you sandbag it now that means you got some wiggle room for another challenge that could ask you to beat the last time, right?
  • No due date for this.  No need to rush!  You can procrastinate this challenge up until the minute before the actual event if you really want to.  So put it on the back of your mind.
  • Submit your video to the event page.  Completing it earns you a point.