Challenge 3 - For real this time

So challenge 2 was simple.  This is going to be even more simple.

Since we had 100% participation in this, this'll be easy to orchestrate.

You know challenge 2?  Do that again, except that you must beat your previous time.  Even though you were asked to go for a PR, I guarantee you that you'll beat it.  Oftentimes people won't truly give it their 100% when asked for the first time.  Only when the motivation is truly there can you see real results.  

  • If you beat your previous submission, you earn another 2 points.
  • If you're new and haven't done challenge 2, simply do challenge 2 and submit for 2 points.
  • Challenge due Sunday (1/8/17) at Noon.

Current point loadout to those who care:
Nate - 7
Scott - 7
Sarah - 6
Leslie - 6
Greg - 5
Donna -5

(completed challenges but haven't registered)
Kevin - 6
Alex - 5
Michael - 4

Once they register, they'll be added to the main roster and their points will be added to the team pool to unlock perks.  Speaking of perks... if everybody beats their time, I'll reveal the perks early!