Challenge #4 - Let's count!

This challenge is a doozy.  

You're all going to have to count to 15.  What that means is that each person must run, with their mileage being their count.  For example, one person runs 1 mile and screenshots the result, then a different person does 2 miles... up to 15 miles.  Now there are a lot of conditions to this challenge, so listen up:


  • One person per run.  You can't double it up.
  • Runs must be submitted IN ORDER.  Cadre will confirm submissions so the next may follow.
  • Must submit the runs in the event page.
  • No treadmills.
  • No pausing the run.  You go nonstop.  If you have to stop to drink (please do), record it too.  It is super easy to tell if you stopped the run, by the way.
  • Pace must be faster than 12:00/mi.
  • Final mileage must be within +/- 0.10 miles of your designated number.
  • If you're injured and running is a hindrance, there is no time hack for you.  Walk it and convince the team to be mile #1.
  • Challenge is due July 9th, 10:38pm


  • Now.. the rewards:
    • Count below 5 - minus 2 points to everyone
    • Count above 5 - no loss, no gain
    • Count to 8 - everyone gains a point
    • Count to 10 - perks are revealed and redeemable immediately
    • Count to 12 - everyone gains another point
    • Count to 14 - team earns two ruck-free coupons that are redeemable for any lap of the T3.
    • Count to 15 - trivia subjects and/or geography are revealed