Well done!

The team has successfully counted to 15!  Now it's time for their reward.  They have each gained +2 points, and the perks have now been revealed and unlocked.  Now, the snazzy graphic for them won't be released until Monday, but here is what it will consist of:

Stress card (2/5 unlocked)   (15 pts)
Relieve one person of their ruck for 1 lap of their choosing

Easy Cards (40 pts)
Card game will be permanently set to easy mode

Course cutter (50 pts)
Remove one mile from the six mile run

Point booster (25 pts)
1 redeemed point now relieves you of 5 burpees or 4 bodybuilders instead of 4 and 3.

Second chance (35 pts)
Team gets to re-roll their diceroll if the first roll isn't desirable

Ignorance is bliss (35 points)
Instead of having two people chosen for trivia, three may now be chosen to answer.
The team may miss up to two countries in the geography test as well.

Ruck wings (40 pts)
Instead of 20% bodyweight minimum for your ruck, that number is bumped down to 17%

Prophetic vision (40 pts)
The entire course agenda for lap 0, 1 and 2 will be revealed sometime before the T3 begins.

The geography test during lap 4 will be for the continent of Asia.  You have plenty of people and plenty of time to study specific regions and get this one right.  If you're unsure about which country is where, google earth is your friend.