Challenge #3 - Congrats Tim Bonnes!

Regiment Elite Tim Bonnes has celebrated 18 years of service in the army today!  To help congratulate this awesome man, we're going to dedicate our third challenge to him!  18 shall mark the rep count.  Here are the rules:

  • Submit your video on the event page
  • Be sure to congratulate Tim on his service!
  • Perform 18 eight count bodybuilders, and then 18 pushups immediately after.  Proper form or it doesn't count!  What's a bodybuilder and/or proper pushup?  Use the mighty google and find out, smart guy :)
  • Have anything Army or Team Regiment related visible in your video, get a bonus point.  Only up to four people can redeem this.
  • Complete it with Independence day fireworks going off in the background (real ones) and earn an extra point.
  • Completion earns you a point.
  • Challenge is due 4 July at 11:59pm.