The prediction

Every T3 appears to follow the same model of participation, DNS and DNF rates.  It'll be an intriguing prediction for a class of this size, but there are always 'those guys' who sign up and are curiously absent from all challenges, or just seem disconnected from the enthusiasm from the event.  You know - the same kind of enthusiasm and dedication you see from that guy who was given a gym membership for Christmas and only shows up to the gym two times.

So, here are the predictions for this event - 
Of the 22 who signed up, 17 will actually show up.
Of the 17 who show up, 14 will make it to the end.
Of those 14 who make it to the end they will earn their place.

The secret is that the cadre want to be wrong.  They want to see you do amazing things that you never thought you could do.

So prove them wrong.  Both parties will be smiling in the end.