Challenge 14 The flutter kick

Next challenge is 1 minute of flutter kicks. We are doing the 4 count flutter kick and this time we will have our 10 % bodyweight over our heads while completing the exercise.  

Again there is no minimum,  just knock them out and keep going for 1 minute ( keep them legs off the ground). I will be posting a video Monday or Tuesday since Big Daddy( goruck cadre) had us doing them by the hundreds yesterday. if you already did your flutter kicks and want to get an extra point, you have to beat your previous score and that time will be determined by my time( to be posted Monday or tuesday).  If you didn't do your flutter kicks before you are only eligible for 1 extra point for doing more than me. 


1 minute video equals 1 point.

Video of more flutter kicks than you did last time in a quicker time than mine equals 2 points.  

Video of more flutter kicks than me in a faster time ,with same bodyweight % equals 3 points.

YoYou have until Monday,  November 30th.  

400 flutterkicks or 16 video submissions will unlock another perk for purchase. Less than a month to go.  Let's get some more points and unlock those perks.