Challenge 15

Just like in round 1 this is going to be an easy one. The first time we all shared some basic info about ourselves, this time we go a little deeper to get to know a little more about each other. Let's all share a story or excerpt from our journey that brought us here to this challenge we have put before us or what you are expecting to gain from this T3 challenge. It can be a couple sentences or a couple paragraphs. There is 1 point for all who share and a bonus point for that person who goes the extra mile and really put some thought into this challenge. Ben and I will decide who gets the bonus point(s). So let's see what you got.

You have until Dec 12th to complete this. If everyone completes this assignment you will get a perk unlocked for purchase.  

as usual I will start. 

I got into OCRs because I had to start running and road running was absolute torture to me ( still is) . I was coming up on my first black belt test and part of it was a 3 mile run, this , at the time, was scary to me, I hadn't ran in 20 years. I started run/ walking mud runs and each time I could run more and hurt less, so I kept going. Then I ran across MUDRUNFUN . My whole life changed after that. Watching their posts and constant running motivated me to run more mud runs and multiple laps at each mud run. Then eventually I ran across the T3. My whole life changed again. I went from a once every few months mud runner to a 4 time T3, dozen gorucks, Spartan trifecta, tough mudder, rugged maniac and whatever else I could manage to get myself into running guy. This year has by far been a favorite year of mine, lots of travel , lots of great new friends and lots of great accomplishments, I am hoping next year will be even better. Cadreing this event is just icing on the cake and I hope you all have as much fun as I hope to.