Challenge 8

3 mile run. Many of you know I am not a fast runner, so you will not have a hard time with this challenge. Just post a 3 mile run on or before October 26, midnight. You've got plenty of time to complete this challenge so I should not have a problem getting at least 18 entries. There is no time hack, every entry from each person gets 1 point. Post all pictures in the comment section below my run and tag someone in it. If the team gets below a 9 minute mile average , everyone gets an extra point. Every post below an 8 minute per mile average gets a point. The maximum amount of points per person is 2. I will be out of the country from Monday the 19th till the 26th, I don't know if I'll have wifi or cell service so you may not hear from me till Monday evening(26th). So you have to ask any questions before I leave. Good luck and have fun.