Challenge 5 - Can you quack like a duck?

Here is a little secret - - - you will be doing some duck walks during the T3 so we want you to get a little bit of practice….

Challenge 5 is to take a video of you duck walking with your ruck on. If you have never done a duck walk…you can imagine how it should be done. Imagine how a duck walks and try to simulate it


  • The duration of the duck walk is 2 Minutes

  • you must quack while walking

  • If you fall over you need to re-start

  • You need to be moving forward the whole time. If you ABSOLUTELY need to stop, you can only stop for 5 seconds MAX…if it is longer than 5 seconds, you must do it over for it to count. you shouldn’t need to stop

  • Ruck weight must be at least 20 lbs, show weight going into bag prior to start

  • Need to post to T3 event page and Tag cadre Kevin and/or Andrew

Completion by Friday 4/19 gets you 2 points

Challenge 4.... The Rooney

Cadre Rooney was a huge part of the GORUCK community and an inspiration to so many people. Those who had the privilege of attending one of his events have nothing but the utmost respect for him. Reading some of the comments about who he was and how he helped others is nothing short of amazing.

Sadly Josh lost his battle with cancer and this next challenge is one small way we as a team can honor him and his family.

The challenge

Cadre Rooney was a part of the 75th ranger battalion and during his events he always made the team do one exercise 75 times.

To honor him and his service to our country, you will do 75 burpees.

The rules

  1. Your video must start with “ These burpees are in honor of Cadre Rooney and his service to our country” you can ad lib this some (not super strict here)

  2. You must complete 75 burpees, chest to ground

  3. You must video the burpees and post them on YOUR main page and also the T3 classic page

  4. You must include the gofundme link below on your main page post

  5. You are not required to donate, but encouraged to do so

  6. Please encourage other to support his family as well in your post

  7. Due date 4/12

Completing this challenge will earn you 3 big points

If 8 of you complete this challenge, we will also unlock your perks!

Take this one seriously folks

Trivia and Geography revealed!!

Great job guys, you killed the wall sit challenge! Geography and trivia unlocked.

Your Trivia will be the revolutionary war- enough said...know everything about it and the people/events surrounding it!

Geography - EVERYbody generally fails this. If you are wise you will study prior to the event. As a team you will have to identify all 54 countries of Africa.

Here comes the kicker……

IF you fail you will have an opportunity for redemption.....but your fate will fall on Neil Murphy’s shoulders dun dun dun

For those of you that don’t know Neil is like a freak of nature when it comes to the geography, basically the Dustin Hoffman in rain man of this challenge. SO this time we want to give him a great challenge.

Neil will have to correctly identify all of the cities if China and Russia, with all CORRECT spellings. If even one letter is off it is a FAIL

If you fail this as a team the repercussions will be doubled and exactly what that is at this time is TBD

Happy studying! 

Lets try this again.... Unlock Trivia and Geography

So we were a little upset that only 2 people attempted a 5k PR when challenged to do so. One person was able to hit there PR. Great work Jeff Torres. Unfortunately we asked for only 2 out of the entire group and only 2 even attempted it. We are hoping you guys will band together and get this challenge done!

The Challenge

This is not easy and it is not meant to be. You may have to do something similar to this at the event so we want to see if you can do it. When you really start to feel it or it hurts do not give up!

Challenge- 2 minute wall sit. Lean up against a wall so your back is flat against the wall and your knees are at a 90 degree angle.


  • Your back must be fully flat against the wall

  • Knees must be at 90 degrees in order for this to count

  • You must video tape this and post your video to the T3 classic event page

  • Due date Wed April 3rd @ 10 pm. (Yes you only have 2 days to do this, but it only takes 2 minutes of your day)

  • 8 out of 10 people need to complete this to unlock the trivia and geography. Trust me you are going to want this info before the event.

Work as a team and round up the troops to get this accomplished.

Unlock Trivia??

So me running one of my faster 5k’s in a few years gave me an idea.

Since you did not unlock your trivia category on the last challenge.

If two of you go out and PR your 5k (show us some sort of proof, IE.. show another 5k time at least and be honest) I will unlock your trivia category.

You have three days to do so.

Challenge #3 Teamwork!

Challenge #3 Teamwork


In this challenge you will need to work together as a team and communicate with each other.


This is your scavenger hunt!


The Rules:


·     Each teammate may only do 1 location (so figure out who’s taking what)

·     At each location you must perform 20 man makers (No ruck)

·     After each man maker you must say “I love Team Regiment”

·     You MUST be at the actual physical location specified below (failure to do so will not count towards completion)

·     You must video your submission and post to the T3 Classic event facebook page

·     Due Date 3/31/2019



·     Individually you win earn 2 points for completing a location

·     There will be 10 locations 

o  If as a team you complete 8 out of 10 you will each earn another bonus point

o  IF you manage to complete 9 out of 10 your cadres will RUCK the event where applicable and embrace some of the suck along side you




1.    In front of a Wekiva Springs sign

2.    In front of a Mt. Dora sign

3.    On the boat ramp by the Wednesday night Team Regiment workout start point (cannot be Neil Murphy)

4.    In front of a dock in North Shore Lake Hart

5.    At a playground in East Park in Lake Nona area

6.    At Lake Eola with the amphitheater in the background

7.    On UCF main campus

8.    Anywhere with cows in the video 

9.    Inside of an amusement park (Disney, Seaworld, Universal, etc..)

10.  At an endurance event (Savage race, 10k, 15k, Trail race, etc…)


Packing List

Greetings T3’rs

Here is the mandatory gear list and important event day info. The team has completed enough challenges to unlock the exact start time and location for this event. Be at the following location no later than 0700: 

Team Regiment Wednesday Workout Meet Spot

Woodside Village Recreation Center

Do not be late
. For every minute that somebody is late, those who are there will have to complete 20 burpees.  Don’t screw your teammates! Do everyone a favor and plan for the unexpected, and if you decide to drop before the event starts, you’d best let the instructor of the event know ahead of time. If you are 30 minutes late, you will be DNF’d from the event after having made all of the responsible people unnecessary burpees. Again…. Do not be late

There will be an optional bonus lap for those who wish to partake at 0640. Sometimes that means doing extra work for no reward, other times it means getting a reward for no extra work. It’s a gamble. 

Gear list 

Manadatory (Individual)
• Headlamp (having a red light setting is recommended to make any team competitions easier) 
• A laminated card with your favorite charity on it and a BRIEF explanation of what it means to you 
• Proof of donation to your favorite charity (Any amount is acceptable or see above)

• Blindfold

• Hydration bladder (at least 2 liters)

• Medal from a race you have accomplished that means something to you or helped define your fitness journey

Ruck with 18% bodyweight (you will be weighed)




•       Mandatory (whole team)

• Soccer ball (inflated). 
• A pair of Arm floaties
o (You may want to make sure your balls are easy to see in the dark… heh) 
• A laminated picture of Neil Murphy in kitty shorts (8x11) in color with everybody’s name signed on the back.  
• A full sandbag weighing at least 50 pounds
• American flag





 That’s all for the gear requirements for now. We reserve the right to add to this list at any time, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on to the T3 Live Updates page. Attention to detail will make or break your T3. 

In keeping with the spirit of the last T3, we are asking this time that you pick a charity of your choice and make any size donation to it and bring proof to the event. If you cannot financially do so or if you just prefer action over money, we would also accept proof of donating your time to something for your favorite charity.


 This team started as a couple of people training for a 5k OCR.  I love how people can come and go from this team as their lives allow and you still have your training family whenever you need them. Always there for you. Hopefully you will learn something from this event and take it with you in your everyday life. 

 We sincerely look forward to helping you all achieve your goals on the 27thof  April.

Packing List, who wants to get started on what they need to bring?

Good Afternoon T3 participants (for those that actually show up)

You may have seen that Challenge #2 was posted last week. While we have had a few participants complete this, there are still quite a few folks that have not yet. Here is a little incentive to get that done.

If 3 more people complete challenge #2 by the deadline, we will post your complete mandatory packing list and a little more information about event day by Friday of this week.

if 4 more people complete the challenge by the deadline, we will release your trivia topic as well.

Get it done!!

Challenge #2 is Live!!

Pregame challenge #2 - Bring Sally Up!!

This one is going to punish the entire body if you accept the challenge!

In case you don’t know what it is (Id be shocked if anyone here did not)….

 The Rules:

  - Bring Sally Up Squat Challenge must be completed wearing your ruck the entire time

  • 20 pound ruck for anyone weighing less than #150

  • 30 pound ruck for anyone weighing greater than #150

  • Cheating on the weight will only cheat yourself :)

- Must have continuous video evidence and posted to the event page on Facebook

- Due date 3/15/2019  

- Completion earns you 1 point


- You may earn a bonus point by immediately doing Bring Sally Up Push up Challenge following the squat challenge

- Same ruck weight rules apply as above

- Your video MUST be continuous from the squat challenge (only 1 submitted video)

- You may only restart the song on your phone in between challenges (if you take too long , it will be at the cadres discretion if you get the point)

Now go ride Sally!!! Good luck to all

Announcing the two cadre for the upcoming T3!


Andrew has done over FOUR T3 events in the past, and has many ultras under his belt to back up his endurance prowess. Kevin has two T3s under his belt and is an absolute mammoth of an athlete who can repeatedly take the pain and stand right back up with a smile on his face!

These two instructors have bottled up the pain and suffering of all of their T3s in the past and fully intend on unleashing it all upon those who are brave enough to do the T3 Classic on the 27th of April!

Quit now.

The six mile run route revealed

Since this is the classic, there are some known pieces of the event that can be easily shared. One of these pieces is the six mile run route and of course the checkpoint, labeled as the start point in the below picture. 


As you can see, it's very simple - just six loops of a one mile section of sidewalk. There will be an aid station along the way, should you need it. 


Simple as that! 

Pregame challenge #1 - The simple run

It's no secret that the T3 has a mandatory ruckless run. The best way to practice is repetition, so here are the incredibly straightforward rules that are very difficult to screw up:


  - Run six miles and upload proof of it at the event page on Facebook. 

- Cannot be done on a treadmill or at an OCR.  

- No due date.  

- Completion earns you two points.  



Begin transmission of the April T3 classic

And so it begins.  With five people registering almost immediately, it seems that this adventure will be starting off hot!  

Keep your eyes peeled for some interesting pregame challenges, and be sure to register ASAP!  This one is super cheap since we don't have to pay for hotels or renting out pools or any of that nonsense.  We're going back to our roots at this one! 

Give More

The Give Team motto is 

No matter how little you have, you always have something to give. Be strong; give more.