Challenge 5 - Can you quack like a duck?

Here is a little secret - - - you will be doing some duck walks during the T3 so we want you to get a little bit of practice….

Challenge 5 is to take a video of you duck walking with your ruck on. If you have never done a duck walk…you can imagine how it should be done. Imagine how a duck walks and try to simulate it


  • The duration of the duck walk is 2 Minutes

  • you must quack while walking

  • If you fall over you need to re-start

  • You need to be moving forward the whole time. If you ABSOLUTELY need to stop, you can only stop for 5 seconds MAX…if it is longer than 5 seconds, you must do it over for it to count. you shouldn’t need to stop

  • Ruck weight must be at least 20 lbs, show weight going into bag prior to start

  • Need to post to T3 event page and Tag cadre Kevin and/or Andrew

Completion by Friday 4/19 gets you 2 points