Challenge #3 - Unlock the secrets

This challenge is a zero point challenge. Instead, the reward for completing this challenge is a treasure trove of information that you'll receive that is helpful to your T3 success. Normally you get this information much closer to the date of the event, but if you work hard you guys can reap the reward of knowledge!  Here is what must be done. 


  • Video yourself doing push-ups. No knees allowed.  
  • Do as many proper form pushups in two minutes as you can.  
  • Use the army-approved resting positions if necessary. Look it up if you don't know it.  
  • A total of 220 pushups must be done among the group.
  • Every post (in the event page) must state the teams total before and after.  
  • Do your pushups at ninjafit and get an extra 3 bonus pushups added to your total. One of the employees must be present in the video for it to count.  
  •  Challenge is due no later than 11:59pm on July 4. 

Reward:  Trivia subject, geography test and running route will be revealed.  Team also earns one "pass" on their trivia questions during the T3 if they don't know the answer.