Challenge #2 - Beat the heat

It's on the back of everyone's mind... the heat.  The 6mi run at this T3 will no doubt be the hottest, most miserable run in T3 history.  Heat exhaustion is a serious concern and a very legitimate one.  If you plan on completing this run, you'd better not have this run be your first run in the heat.  Here is where challenge #2 begins.


To adapt you to the conditions you'll be facing at the T3, here is what you'll be doing.

  • Complete (and track) a 4-6mi run in the afternoon.
  • Do not pause your run if you have to stop.  Time it all.
  • Completing the run earns you 1 point for 4 miles, 2 points if you make it past 6.
  • There is no due date for this challenge, since many people are usually working during these hours.  (This likely means the majority of you will not be motivated to do it.  This is by design and meant to make you quit at the T3 when you realize you should have done this challenge).