Challenge 8 - Ruck Push-ups

You will no doubt be doing some bodyweight PT at the T3, so why not get used to it through a challenge?  The challenge is as simple as the title... you will be doing ruck push-ups.  Ladies, we do not discriminate.  You will be doing this without knees touching the ground as well!  You won't have a specific set of reps that you must do for this challenge.  We're not looking for that.  We're looking for your honest-to-god maximum effort in this thing.  If you're burnt out before the timer ends, then so be it.  Go all out.  That's all you got to do.  Here are the deets:

  • Your ruck must have 18% bodyweight in it.
  • Perform as many ruck push-ups (correct form!) in one minute and thirty seconds.
  • Video submission due in the regular place - the event page on Facebook.
  • No due date on this challenge (or any challenges from here on out).
  • Completion earns you a point (and much respect if you go all-out!).
  • Rest midway if you must.  So long as it's the two approved Army resting positions.