Challenge 7 - Rock the vote!

This is a first.  
The team will have a direct influence on how the T3 will be run on the 25th of next month!

But they have to work for it, first.

The team will get to vote on when the water PT lap occurs, since the originally intended pool has been reserved by another group on the morning of the T3.  In order to cast a vote as a team, we're going to need the team to chip in some mileage.  Here are the rules, and the vote that the team will be able to decide on.

  • The team must accumulate 75 miles run.  In order for Neil not to get spammed with notifications, please keep the accumulation of miles in a single post on the event page on Facebook.
  • Distance must be at least 3 miles per submission.
  • This must be completed by February 10th.
  • Everybody earns a point for completion.


Here is what you will vote on.

Water PT begins at a smaller pool at a nearby apartment complex about a mile from the venue as the first lap of the event, early in the morning.  The team will then have to drive over to the venue to begin the next lap.
Pros:  Less scary, since you won't be physically destroyed prior to getting in the water. 
Cons:  It'll be colder since it's in the early morning, plus there's the chaos of then moving to the event's original location while getting into dry clothes.


Water PT occurs at around 5 or 6pm, likely before or after the camaraderie lap (Lap 3) at the olympic sized pool at the T3 venue.
Pros:  Warmer outside, plus everything you need is right there and you don't have to scramble.  There are also two lifeguards manning this pool in case people bonk out in the water.
Cons:  You'll be much more tired in the water this late into the day.