Challenge #8 - The Great Hunt

Welcome to the challenge to define all challenges!  This challenge has no due date, but has some serious rewards for completion.  This challenge will require folks to work together for sure.  The challenge begins with one single piece of information:


Want more?  It'll cost you.  If the next hint result will yield a burpee point or any other incremental reward, you'll get the heads up.  This next one however, will not give you anything but the next set of coordinates.

To unlock the next hint, the team may submit a workout video/result.  The number after the workout is the max number of times that particular submission may occur to unlock a hint.

  • 40 burpees (0)
  • 5 mile run at a 10:00/mi or faster pace (0)
  • 10 mile run at a 10:00/mi or faster pace (1)
  • 2 minute plank (0)
  • 25 eight-count bodybuilders (0)
  • 55 pushups (0)
  • 18 mile run at a 10:30/mi or faster pace (infinite)

When a hint is unlocked, you'll know about it in the edits to this challenge below

Burpees have been cashed in to acquire another hint.  The number of burpee submissions has been accounted for in the list above (from 2 to 1, now).  

Acquired information so far

Hint 1:  28°36'06.3"N   81°16'00.1"W
Hint 2:  That is the coordinates of a data drop.  On that area will reside a USB drive hidden somewhere.  You must retrieve the drive and await further instructions.  It is currently unknown when the data drive will be present on site, or how 'hidden' it is.
Hint 3:  The drive will be at the location no earlier than 11am on the 30th of July.
Hint 4:  One of you must pick up the drive.  In it lie two encrypted documents requiring the team to unlock the password on each document.  The documents contain vital information about the progression towards the next reward and more.  The next hint gives 1 point to each person.  The first character of the password on one of the documents is 2.  Photo hints of how to find the drive will be posted in the future.
Hint 5:  The next character in the password is 4.  


Hint 6:  The next character in the password is Re. Hey, you got two this time!  Yay!
Hint 7:  The next character in the password is QP.  Another two!  The next hint will include the two documents being posted to the group page, just in case we've got any encryption experts out there.
Hint 8:  The next character in the password is k7.  The encrypted documents have been leaked into the event page.  So far the characters unlocked are 24ReQPk7.  
Hint 9:  The next character in the password is 8.  No more relays are allowed.
Hint 10:  The next character is T.  The next hint will reveal the mandatory gear list immediately.
Hint 11:  We're still giving hints?  Alright, here's one.  Get some rest.  Hydrate well for the week and start carb loading on Monday.  Yes, there's another password protected document, but the password should already be known by now.