Challenge #7 - Adventure time!

Let's depart from our usual athletic challenges and go on a little adventure, shall we?  The purpose of this challenge is to organize roles and establish a line of communication with your team, which is going to be needed for this event.  This adventure entails a lovely little scavenger hunt.  In order for the team to all earn a point, you will need to provide the following selfies to the event page -


• at the beach

• in front of city's tallest building

• at the highest allowable floor of your city's tallest building

• in the woods

• in front of a mound of gravel or sand that's at least 15 feet high

• at the entrance of a university

• inside ninjafit gym in Orlando  

• in front of a gazeebo

• in front of a boat


A couple of rules and bits of useful information: 

▪ only one person per submission. 

▪n photoshop or depictions of the object.  You've got to physically be there. 

▪ object must be closer than 100 meters from you.  

▪ challenge due 31 July at 1050pm