Challenge #6 - R

This challenge is a stop-loss challenge.

It requires you to be somewhat creative.  Sorry.

This challenge calls upon your artistic ability to draw an "R" with your GPS-tracked run.  Let's get to the simplified bullet points so you can get this started quickly:

  • Failure to complete this challenge by Sunday, April 3rd 11:59pm will cause you to lose FIVE points.
  • Distance of the run must be no less than 3.5 miles.
  • "R" must be a capitol letter.  No wimpy "r".
  • Post your GPS run in the MudRunFun, FL Goruck, OCR United, Southern Spartans group and tag Neil to gain a point in addition to not losing five.  (Let them know what the challenge is for).
  • This is a run, not a walk.  Choose your own challenging pace.  Cadre will know if you slacked off, and will most certainly remember this at the T3.
  • If all registered members of this event complete the challenge, one random perk will be unlocked.

    Oh, and as a side note, if your class doesn't unlock a perk within a week of this post being posted, one random perk will be no longer available for your class to unlock.  So you might want to get organized.