Moving along

It looks like some people are paying attention.  Those who have will most likely follow through and be there ready for the challenge come the 16th or 30th.  The quiet ones usually back away before showtime.

Those points were incorrect, as a few pointed out.

The real loadout is much, much more than what was displayed.  Those who paid attention to detail and did their homework will be duly noted and rewarded for their attentiveness.  More on that later...

Good work to those who showed up for the Lap 0 water PT day!  Kris, Jeff (if he registers on the 30th) and Sarah each get a point plus the bonus points for doing their challenges on site as well.  The next challenge will be a non-reward one, where completing it only means NOT losing points.  With the first event just a few weeks away, the message is now clear.  Rally the troops and get your head in the game.