Challenge 2 - Good ol' Running

Since we're still starting off these pregame challenges, we'll keep things simple.  Lap 2 always consists of a six mile run.  So in order to prepare you for said run, you will do said run.  You now have the benefit of doing the run perfectly fresh and without the soul crushing disadvantage of having done laps 0 and 1, so your run time should be good.  On to the rules:

  • Run must be a complete six miles.  No pauses in between (your gps app will give it away if you do).
  • No treadmills.  Sorry, you can't just turn a treadmill on and let it run for six miles while you blerch it up.
  • Run must be 10:45/mi average to receive a point.
  • Finish at 9:00/mi or faster to get two points.
  • Submit your challenge by submitting your results and tagging Team Regiment or Neil Murphy on Facebook.
  • Challenge submission for both classes is due at 11:59pm, March 16th.

    As a reminder, these challenges are always optional.  Don't feel bad if you have a busy schedule for this week.  It happens to the best of us.  The purpose of these challenges is to not only gauge the skill of the class but to prepare the class for events such as the Agoge, Death Race or any other big event that has pre-game gear lists and exercises.  Have fun!