Challenge 1 - push-ups!

Well, we've got to five registrants for either the 16th or the 30th..

Which means that the party has officially started.

Challenge 1 was posted on the Team Regiment Facebook page, but all challenges will be posted here in the long run.  The due date for this challenge (which applies to BOTH classes) is at 11:59pm on Monday the 14th of March.  In your video submission, be sure to tag Team Regiment on Facebook or Neil.

We now have five registered for the T3s! With that, challenge number one is now live! Now 53 push-ups in a minute is a crazy amount, so let's modify the rules a bit. Instead of getting 53 or 4 less for a point, just get 31 push-ups in a minute for 1 point. However for every 4 you get on and above 53, you get a bonus point!Pregame challenge videos will be uploaded here but all challenge details can be found at

Posted by Team Regiment on Thursday, March 10, 2016