Challenge 5 - breaking the code

This challenge is going to be a doozy.  The team has uncovered the data drop from the previous challenge and has earned themselves their respective points. As promised, as soon as a challenge is complete, the next challenge shall appear.  Inside the data drop USB stick contained an encrypted word document. In it lies the instructions to completing this challenge. However, this encrypted word document has a limited number of attempts put in to it, so let's hope that the team hasn't decided to brute force guess the password so far. If the document has reached the max attempts, it will be rendered useless and another data drop will need to be found. As for the password, the candidates will now have to decrypt it by some good ol' PT.  For starters, the password is right characters in length. It is case sensitive, contains numbers and perhaps some special characters too. Candidates will have to submit their challenges via video through our Facebook group or by emailing us. One candidate can work on multiple characters, but cannot double-submit for a single physical challenge. Here is the breakdown: 

Characters 1 and 2 - Nine people must complete 30 burpees in under 1:45

Characters 3 and 4 - Eight people must complete 30 ruck-push-ups. Ruck must contain 20% body weight and the push-ups must be done in a single session without breaking their form. You may use the two army approved resting positions for your push-ups.   You cannot receive help from anyone or anything.  Women may use their knees for up to 20 of the push-ups if they must. 

Characters 5 and 6 - Seven people must complete 30 eight count bodybuilders in under 3 minutes. This must be done with a ruck containing 15% body weight. To avoid knee injury, you don't have to jump on the eighth count if you don't want to. Just raise your hands while maintaining a fully-standing posture before beginning your next eight count. 

Character 7 - Six people must complete a ten mile run at a 10:00/mi pace or better.  

Character 8 - The team must unlock at least two perks. This character will not fully be given. Instead, a hint about the type of character to be entered will be given to narrow down the possibilities.  Hopefully the password attempts haven't been expended yet...   no, you will not be told the amount of password attempts that are placed on to the encrypted document. 



That's it. That's what the team must do to obtain the password.  They cannot crack the password in any other way or else their challenge will be null and void.  There is no deadline for this challenge either. Finishing this challenge will result in every member of the team getting FIVE (5!!!) points.  Currently there are nine people in the class, and any new registrants can partake in this challenge and earn points. Currently, these challenges may be near impossible to effectively complete given the current class size.  


The biggest excuse people give for not registering for the T3 is that they didn't want to join the pre-game challenges too late into the game and appear lazy or whatever hyper-inflated excuse befalls them. Well, let this challenge prove that the ship hasn't sailed. If you're still on the fence about doing this event, let this be your motivation. Your team needs you.  Badly.