Challenge 3 and 4 complete

The team successfully spelled out "REGIMENT".  Funny how it was submitted, though.  One of the members mistakenly posted their "M" route after completing the run (probably an auto feature toggled on).  Now sure, that could just be his typical running route.  After some subtle dialogue, it was discovered that it was in fact part of the challenge, so the 1 hour time limit started.  It's amazing how motivated a team can get when there is a time hack...

They got it submitted with 10 minutes to spare.  Good on 'em.  

Even more remarkable is that they managed to find the data drop:

Unfortunately, the document in the USB drive is encrypted.  To access the drive they will have to proceed to challenge #5, which will be divulged to them tomorrow morning.  For now they rest, knowing how close of a bullet they have dodged.  Although a quick workaround could have been enacted by the team to determine the exact whereabouts of the device.  Every photo taken (especially on a phone) contains EXIF data.  Simply downloading the photo and viewing the properties of it will reveal the author, GPS lat/long coordinates and even the drive in which the photo was stored.  All challenge photos pertaining to any future data drops will have this information scrubbed from them from here on out.  

Also, the use of password crackers will not be an acceptable pass for the next challenge.  More on this tomorrow morning.