Perks and Dice

Everyone likes a good ol' dump in the morning, so let's start it off with a massive hearty information dump.  First things first, there will be no bad perks for this event.  How about that?  Second, there won't be a card game at the end of each lap, isn't that swell? 
Now, time to counter-balance those good things.  For one, the price of the good perks has increased for this event:

Second, instead of the cards a more intense dice-roll game has been implemented at the end of each lap.  Note that the volleyball court is where the checkpoint vehicle will be parked, and that if the team continues to fail challenges and miss time hacks there will be multiple dicerolls.

Dice Roll – Normal Mode

1 -  Fifteen 8-count bodybuilders w/ ruck

2 – 10 dive-bomb pushups w/ ruck

3 – 25 wide grip pushups w/ ruck

4 – 15 diamond pushups w/ ruck

5 – 20 four-count mountain climbers w/ ruck

6 – 25 seven-count man-makers

7 – Lose two points

8 – Low-crawl the volleyball court twice w/ ruck

9 – Nothing…

10 – Bear-crawl the perimeter of the volleyball court w/ ruck

11 – 35 four-count flutter kicks

12 – 25 ruck-squats.  Lose two points

13 – 25 burpees.  Gain a point

14 – Nothing!  But the next dice roll penalty gets doubled.

15 – Ten 8-count bodybuilders w/ ruck

16 – Dice roll vs the cadre.  Win and do nothing.  Lose and do 30 burpees

17 – 40 four-count jumping jacks w/ ruck

18 – Reverse crab-walk the volleyball court twice w/ ruck

19 – One perfect ruck push-up.  Pretend it’s hard to do.

20 – Cadre does 10 burpees.  Laugh at him to gain a point!