Another perk unlocked

The elites currently doing the T3 seemed to have learned a valuable lesson from the last T3, which was to know your trivia and geography ahead of time.  With the pain of doing lap 0 all over again still fresh in their minds, they have convinced the team to unlock the trivia/geography perk.  How do we know that the elites were behind this decision?  As of now there are not one but two moles in their secret group that will occasionally give the cadre full access to the group.  On to the unlock:

Looks like things are really shaping up for these guys!  Now that they have this perk, they will have less than two weeks to completely know the names of the 53 countries that fit into the continent of Asia below:

And for good measure, 28 countries in the picture below:


Seem like a lot?  Fortunately there are a lot of people in the class, and they're really smart too!  To be fair, the cadre at the T3 will name all of these countries off on his own to prove it isn't that hard to memorize.  Just be happy you don't have to memorize the capitol cities.


As as for the trivia subjects, the subject for the trivia this time will be Germany.