Challenge #6 - Hooked on Phonics

We've seen that our T3 candidates can run, count and even travel through time...
But can they spell?

Time for Challenge #6.  Since we're two weeks away from the T3, the "Mr. Nice Guy" period has ended, and the rules will be very strict.  Each member of the team is to run a route that forms a letter, where each letter combines to form a word of their choice.  Sounds fun!  Until you break down the rules:

  • Each letter must be no shorter than 3.5 miles in distance
  • The pace of the run must be faster than 9:31/mi
  • The word(s) must be at least 13 characters in length
  • Must be an actual word
  • Failure to meet 13 characters means -2 points to every member of the team
  • Only registered members of the team can participate in this challenge
  • No points will be given for the completion of this challenge.  Sorry
  • Reach 15 characters, and the last bad perk gets removed
  • Final submission must have all of the words cropped together in a single image.
  • Challenge is due 10pm, March 27th
  • Team can spend 10 points by 10pm Wednesday to extend the due date to March 29th, 10pm

There will be at least one more challenge after this one.  One of which will be the team's final instructions and mandatory gear list for this event.