Challenge 5 The reason we do the challenges, BURPEES!

The next challenge is burpees. I know some of you are having a busy weekend with catching up on challenges and whatever other trivial matters you may be dealing with. But this is always a class favorite, burpees for burpee points.

The rules are as follows, 

Your feet must leave the ground for every rep to count.

Your fingers must be above your head for every rep to count.

You must do a pushup(elbows bent, torso relatively close to ground, up to elbows straight position).

You must count out loud, especially at the end. (make it hard on me and Ill do the same)

You must keep moving for the entire minute. (turtle slow if you have to, but keep moving.). Which means no stopping till after the 1 minute mark,  be safe go to 1:05. 


This challenge is due October 8, midnight.


1 point to all qualifying videos.(keep moving!).

2 points if you beet my score by 2.( not my strong suit you guys will kill me on this one)

2 points for entire team if the team average is above mine.


I did 25, 26 is the score to beat.