Challenge 3 - Flutter kicks

Sorry for the chronological mix-up, folks.  The blog app has been on the fritz and you're getting these challenges a little bit out of order.  But we've got a lot of new folks registering, so you're no doubt sifting through these updates to catch up on what's been going on.  So we'll get right to challenge 3:


Everyone loves the flutter kick.

  • You have 1 minute to complete as many 4 count flutter kicks as possible.
  • There is no minimum, but you must keep your feet moving or in up position for entire minute.
  • I want to hear an audible count!
  • The due date is Oct 3.
  • If you can do 40+ you get 1 extra burpee point.

    You can either email your submission or post it on Facebook, tagging Nate Jacobs (your lovable cadre)!