Challenge #3 has arrived!

Two updates in one day!  The good news is that the class has a chance to make some real progress with this challenge.  This time there isn't a fancy video to accompany it, just some instructions they must adhere to if they want credit for this challenge.  This time there is a penalty for failure!

Challenge 3 - Regiment Team Running

  • The team as a whole must complete at least 50 miles of accumulated running before 11:59pm on Friday October 31 (Halloween!)
  • Log your miles using a GPS tracking app.  Take a screenshot of your completed miles and either tag instructor Neil on Facebook or send an email to the team's email address if you aren't a fan of Facebook.
  • Your average runspeed must be better than 10:45/mi.  So if you're making good time but you see your runspeed getting bad you may want to just stop the run and submit however many miles you completed to be added to the the team total.  Just be happy you don't have to do all 50 on your own!
  • Only those who are registered can count towards the successful completion of this team challenge.  Sorry - but this one is exclusive to the class this time!
  • You can submit multiple runs.
  • Let's talk rewards...
    • Complete 50 miles and everybody on the team earns 1 burpee point.
    • Complete 80 miles and one bad perk at random is disabled forever!
    • Failure to complete 50 miles results in everybody who is registered to lose 1 point.