Things are starting to get interesting at the T3

December 15th marks the next big team event that we’re putting together. Much like the big events that this is designed to train people for, the mind games have been in full swing ever since the event was initially announced.

Well, we’re only six weeks away from this epic event and the challenges and snippets of information have steadily been getting more interesting…

For one, those registered so far have voted for a ‘trick’ instead of a ‘treat’ for Halloween. Not wanting to deny them the trickery, the team has been given a new bit of information: The original start location and time is NOT the official one. In fact, they must now perform certain tasks to narrow down the actual location and time for their event. Those who arrive late will incur punishment for the entire team, so this is something they may want to focus on!

That is just one of the many things that they will be encountering in the coming weeks leading up to the event, which you can follow at our T3 Live Updates page.

If you’d like to register and be a part of the fun (it actually is pretty fun), go ahead and register below!