Begin transmission of the December 15th, 2018 St. Augustine T3!

The Last T3 in New Port Richie featured an incredible and diverse group of athletes that conquered immeasurable challenges, but now we move over to the cold, sandy beaches in the Florida wintertime!

You may see familiar faces, and you will no doubt see some new all-stars at this event!  Want to be a part of the group?  Look no further...


Link to additional videos taken

So our Facebook page was streaming parts of the event as well.  If there was a break in these updates, that's why.  Here are the videos:

It is done!!!

After removing straps, shoes, hair ties, adding casualties and brutal time hacks for the last stretch, they finally did it!  Eight started, six finished. 

From 1015am until 12:40am, they freaking rocked it! 


20 minute time hack

To March one mile. Sounds simple but it's time that they start moving with more purpose. After numbers and puzzles, the last 1/2 mile walk back to the checkpoint will progressively get worse. It'll start with one ruck strap going undone, then the waist, then a casualty, then they lose their shoes, and then....


They get their patch  

Walking back to checkpoint

Going to pass through the big field again to do ask for numbers and then let them choose to play 'pain now beer later' or the 3d puzzle/whistle drills game. This is going to be tough to do because I know how badly it's going to hurt...

But they pull though. They can. Handle anything right now.  

Trivia part two

They got a question wrong so they must choose two of their lap 1 field exercises and do them over again. They chose crabwalks and aikido rolls



So far they've gotten three trivia questions right as we ruck march to the lap 1 park where we'll do the geography test. 


Tunnel of love!

Everyone had some pretty amazing stories to tell about how they earned their medals!  A medal is just a scrap of medal when there's no story behind it. These folks have some amazing stories. 


Medal exercise

The team was required to each bring their most important medal they ever earned and to give a story on it. They're going to do a tunnel of love around the pile of medals to celebrate a they have done !