Begin transmission of the April T3 classic

And so it begins.  With five people registering almost immediately, it seems that this adventure will be starting off hot!  

Keep your eyes peeled for some interesting pregame challenges, and be sure to register ASAP!  This one is super cheap since we don't have to pay for hotels or renting out pools or any of that nonsense.  We're going back to our roots at this one! 

Give More

The Give Team motto is 

No matter how little you have, you always have something to give. Be strong; give more.




Reciting their quotes from memory. Neil joined them in the water. Flutter kicks incoming! End? Or fake-out? 


What happens next

Almost done. 

Ojce they get to the checkpoint, they're going into the surf to explain who they are and why they're here. They must recite their quote card. 


Do it right or do it again.  


Atter that, they do the give team 15 to heat themselves up.  

Tag time

1 tag = barefoot

2 tag = lose a strap

3 tag = casualty

There are no four tags. 


Numbers and tags

Several missed their second set of numbers, so those people had to sit in the water and add an orange tag. Everyone with tags is now asked to remove shoes, socks, and hairties


Puzzle Time!

The team is following whistle signals and practicing following instructions while one teammate assembles an egg puzzle. ss