Perks have been completed!

With 144 points to spend, the team of 13 is down to just nine points left after unlocking the following perks:

Point booster - 1 redeemed point relieves you of 10 burpees or 5 bodybuilders
Stress card (2) - One person may do one lap without their ruck weight
Ignorance is bliss - No geography test. Team gets one free trivia pass after getting it wrong.
Speed demon - Average team finish time for the 6mi run is reduced by 5 min.

Registration has also been extended to Friday morning. There were a couple folks that were still on the fence and doubting themselves and a couple more wanted to verify their schedules. However this late into the game it’s safe to say that none of those “maybes” will register!

However if anybody does register from now until then, they’ll be given five points for their courage.

Additional info

Current point total for the team: 92

Also, in your instructor's infinite IRL-stressed capacity, there appears to be two perks that are identical. Disregard one speed demon perk and replace it with the following:

Stress card (15 points) - Max of five uses. The team may relieve one candidate of their choice of their ruck for an entire lap of their choice. This opportunity to exercise this perk is given to the team at the beginning of every lap.

The stats so far + additional important info

Current registered who are showing up: 12

Team point total: 88

One person has earned 11 points but has not registered yet, but when he does the team total will go to 99.

The team has until Wednesday, 11:59pm to redeem their points for any perks that they would like to have unlocked. Challenge 6 still has a lot of rewards that add points to every team member, so you’d best get hunting for those landmarks…

Geography Test Revealed!

Better get studying! There are a total of 51 countries that need to be known in the below map, which includes the five micro-nations that are dotted in red and the nations that are highlighted gray.


If you’ve done a T3 before, you know the rules. One by one you’ll come up to the instructor and name off however many countries you know, to a maximum of 10. You’d better be 100% sure of your answers because if you point to a country and name it off, it’ll merely be scratched off without any indication that you were right or wrong.

Oh, and the team must be 100% correct.

Preview - Possible running route

If there is a second co-instructor present at the time of Lap 2’s initiation, here is the current plan for the six mile run. This is no doubt going to be the most trecherous 6mi run ever done in the history of the T3. See below for more details.


As you can see, this will be divided into laps. One lap totals 1.2 miles, for a total of five laps to complete the required six mile run. You will be running from the boardwalk, down the steps into the beach and over to the entrance to Anastasia State Park’s beach. There will be a person at that 0.6mi point that you must run around to have your lap count. Some important things to note:

  • You don’t have to have a source of hydration on you, but it’s recommended.

  • You can leave any nutrition/hydration at the boardwalk and/or the northern turnaround point for you to access.

  • For your lap to count, the person at the northern turnaround will verify your completion and you must state your full name when you reach both the north and south points for the person to verify your name and that you’re in the right mental capacity to continue this task.

  • Average team pace must be less than a time that’ll be revealed on the day of the event.

  • For every minute over the required average, the team does 10 burpees each.

  • Anybody finishing after the time hack must ziptie one of their orange tags on to themselves.

  • Anybody can spend 1 point to remove 60 seconds off their personal time (max of 5/person, must be chosen before the run). Orange tag rule is extended alongside this time extension as well.

This is no doubt going to suck, seeing that you’ll be running on the beach and going up steps to a boardwalk five times, possibly slogging through some surf if high tide is in full swing at that time. However if the integrity-checker is not present by the time Lap 2 begins, the route that is planned will suck even worse. There are currently two or three people who have said that they plan on being there to assist in this event, so let’s hope that they follow through with what they say they’re going to actually do.

Challenge #8 - December 8

Challenge #8 will be done on the 8th of December. Since this will occur only a week before the event, it'll be a simple one. 


If you do an endurance event on the 8th of December that comprises of 8 or more miles, you will earn a point.  


Simple as that.  

Important starting info

At exactly 0700, you must be lined up side to side with your gear displayed in the below layout. Mandatory team gear should also be present, but you can choose where to place it (probably just in a pile for the instructor to verify somewhere).  The exact spot in which everybody must be in this formation will be revealed as we get closer to the day of the event. It'll obviously be very close to the parking lot. 

Attention to detail is crucial. Make sure that mandatory gear and mandatory gear ONLY is in the correct square.  

Also, any perks that the team wishes to unlock must be chosen before 11:59pm on the Wednesday before the event.  



Mandatory gear list and important info

Greetings T3 aspirants! 

Here is the mandatory gear list and important event day info, along with a special announcement! The team has completed enough challenges to unlock the exact start time and location for this event. Be at the following location no later than 0700: 

308-352 A1A Beach Blvd Parking 
St. Augustine, FL 
32080-5902, United States 

Do not be late
. For every five minutes that somebody is late, those who are there will have to complete 30 burpees. Do everyone a favor and plan for the unexpected, and if you decide to drop before the event starts, you’d best let the instructor of the event know ahead of time. If you are 30 minutes late, you will be DNF’d from the event after having made all of the responsible people unnecessary burpees. Many of the attendees will be staying at nearby hotels near the beach, we recommend you get with them and plan ahead of time. Again…. Do not be late

There will be an optional bonus lap for those who wish to partake at 0640. Sometimes that means doing extra work for no reward, other times it means getting a reward for no extra work. It’s a gamble. On to our special announcement. 

Team Regiment is extremely proud to announce our partnership with The Give Team for the T3! This amazing team works with the New Image Youth Center – which provides after-school and summer programs to support at-risk students in Parramore. To those not familiar with the Orlando area, Parramore is listed as one of the 25 most dangerous places to live in America, so to work with an organization that provides academic support, social development, health and wellness as well as crisis intervention in that area means a lot to us – especially when the holidays are just around the corner. 

The Give Team lives by the motto “No matter how little you have, you always have something to give”. This inspiring team is actually the only inner-city OCR team in the country! Their focus is on building strength, leadership and goal-setting skills and currently has a closely-knit team of 12 students from the New Image Youth Center. With this partnership brings an amazing opportunity for us all to come together on the holidays and to use our coming together on the 15th to provide something greater than toys this year – a warm meal! 

That is why you will notice in your mandatory gear list below the requirement of a gift card for either Publix or Walmart for any amount you see fit. Through the help of The Give Team, these cards will go straight to the New Image Youth Center to help provide that holiday feast! As a bonus, whatever amount you decide to put on the card will equal half the amount of points you will be given at the start of the T3! Just provide a receipt with your card at the T3 so we can verify. We deliberately charge very little for this event simply because cost is oftentimes a barrier to entry for a lot of people when it comes to taking their athleticism to the next level, so please do not feel compelled to put more than you can afford on your required card. Anything helps. On to the gear list. 

Mandatory gear list (individual) 

• Six sided dice. 
• A 5-gallon bucket. (Your instructor is bringing 6 himself. Decide ahead of time who doesn’t need to bring one). 
• Headlamp (having a red light setting is recommended to make any team competitions easier) 
• Four orange laminated index cards with the words “Apparently I wasn’t ready” written on them. Cards must be hole punched and have a ziptie included with them. (Yep, it’s a death race thing). 
• A laminated card with your favorite quote on one side, and your name written on the other side. The quote doesn’t have to be an entire freaking paragraph long… 
• A dowel rod between 0.5-1 inch thick between 3.5-4.5 feet long. 
• A Publix or Walmart gift card with any amount on it.  

Mandatory gear (whole team) 
• Soccer ball (inflated). 
• Football (inflated, nice try Tom Brady).   
o (You may want to make sure your balls are easy to see in the dark… heh) 
• A laminated picture of Danny DeVito with everybody’s name signed on the back. 
• Two empty wreckbags/goruck bags w/ filler bags inside. Must be of equal weight capacity. 

 That’s all for the gear requirements for now. At any time prior to the event you may see this list change, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on to the T3 Live Updates page. Attention to detail will make or break your T3. 

 This team started as a couple of people training for a 5k OCR. Over the years our actions have inspired a movement with one simple goal in mind – to become stronger every day. We sincerely look forward to helping you all achieve that goal on the 15th of December as we also give a little back for the holidays!

Challenge #7 - 777 Jackpot!

Triple 7’s typically means hitting the jackpot, except that for this challenge you’re going to have to work hard and plan hard to get it to happen. In fact, in order for this challenge to even begin, one person must register. This shouldn’t be an issue, as six people have been completing challenges that haven’t registered yet, in addition to about another ten who are still on the fence and awaiting their work schedules/whatever to see if they can(t) make it.

So once that person registers and the lever is pulled, here is what you must do:

  • Plan and run a seven mile route that is shaped like a “7”.

  • You can have the route start and end at one point of the 7 (running 3.5 miles out and back), or you can make the complete route a 7. Nothing else. (as in, you can’t run seven one mile loops that form a 7, for example).

  • Three different people must complete this.

  • These screenshotted route results must be submitted exactly seven minutes apart. You guys have a group organizing these kinds of things (hopefully), so you can figure it out.

Complete this challenge successfully and each registered team member will earn two points! Normally challenges that are this late into the game do not award more than one point due to the class size, so now is the time to start the flood of registrants to take advantage of a potentially massive influx of points. Succeeding at this challenge can result in multiple perks being unlocked, if you’re smart about it.


Challenge six is well underway with some major effort being put into it straight out of the gate! Big kudos to Jeff for destroying that 15 miler! Val took no delay in hunting down three landmarks in one day, too! All of the completed challenges so far haven’t earned points but they have slowly inched towards their true start time and start location.

What’s this?!

Anastasia State Park is NOT the actual venue?!


But hey - at least you’re not all waking up at quarter till bullshit with that 0630 time crossed out! So there’s that…

So far there have been three hidden messages embedded somewhere into these live updates. Looks like the team needs to pay attention to detail some more.


Once 15 have registered, mandatory gear will be revealed. If that number isn't reached, there is a pre-determiend time when it'll be released anyways... Just far less convenient.  


Thia list is also subject to change.  

Challenge #6 - Scavenger hunt!


This is a challenge that will get you out and about. This challenge comprises of multiple mini-challenges that can only be completed one time each, and the reward will benefit the entire team as a whole. As usual, submissions must be done in the event page. Challenge completion status will be updated along the way. You must perform 30 burpees, 20 push-ups or 15 eight counts in front of the following landmarks:

  • Blue Gazebo - +1 point for every member of the registered team

  • [COMPLETED] In front of a statue that’s at least 3 feet tall - one location removed from the map

  • [COMPLETED] At a trailhead - one possible start time removed

  • In front of a building that’s at least 10 stories tall - +2 points for each registered person

  • [COMPLETED] With mountains in the background - +2 points for each registered person

  • [COMPLETED] In front of an olympic sized swimming pool - one location removed from the map

  • [COMPLETED] In front of a car that’s worth more than $100,000 - one free stress card perk unlock

  • In front of a live dog or cat (that can’t leave the frame of the video) - +1 point for each registered person

    • (somebody submitted this challenge but didn’t register so it’s not considered complete)

  • [COMPLETED] After completing a 15 mile run (proof required) - one location removed from the map

Don’t bother getting clever with the challenges. Everything you do must be done in front of the actual object (no photos of said object, etc.).

Perks are revealed!

As promised, when ten people registered the perks are revealed. The team’s total points for those who are REGISTERED is 32. Five other folks have submitted challenges, but have yet to register. Those five people total have another 30 points in limbo - they just need to not be lazy and sign up!


Trivia Subject + Challenge #3 - The Time Warp

This is a challenge that has traveled through time and finally made it’s way into the live updates page. This is another fun non-athletic challenge! All you have to do is submit in the events page the following information:

  • A picture of you from anytime between January 1 2000 through December 31st 2009

  • What motivated you to sign up for this event?

  • What challenges do you anticipate at this event?

  • What is your favorite quote?

  • What event do you one day want to sign up for?

If three people get their submission done by November 6th at 11:59pm, one starting time and one location will be scratched off the list! Otherwise, challenge completion still equals one point.

Also, the trivia subject will be similar to this challenge… The 2000s! Topics will be music, sports, pop culture, military, politics and business. The questions will be given out at the T3 in the usual fashion, where a subject is given out and two or three people choose to be the only ones that answer them.

New rule

Those who register for the event as of now will have a one week window where all previous challenges (including future ones) will be available to complete, should they choose to do so. After that week, the challenges will be expired as of their normal date. 


There's one less excuse to cross off the list.  

The vote: Trick!

Hope you all had an awesome Halloween! A couple people made some amazing Challenge #4 submissions and it’s always a delight to see the enthusiasm in your submissions! Now back to business. That means listen up.

The vote was Trick! The trick that’s being played upon you all is the revelation of the following information:

The original start time and location are NOT the real ones.

There are a total of five possible start locations for this event, with the original one crossed out in the map below. In order to narrow down your possible locations, bonuses will be specified for upcoming challenges that will require people to either perform extra credit exercises, bring in more registrants, or scrounge up and decode some cryptic messages and puzzles that can be thrown your way.

So, what happens if it’s game day and not all the locations are narrowed down? Tough titties, Tinkerbell. That means that you must arrive extra early and see if your instructor (still yet to actually be announced, by the way) is waiting at the location. This is a big deal since being late means that the entire team must do more and more burpees depending on how late you are. In addition to the five possible locations, there are three possible start times:

Here are your possible start locations:


Happy Halloween!!

Sure, it's a day early but what the hell. Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope you enjoy a stress free spooktacular day devoid of any T3-stress.


All we need from one representative of the team by 11:59pm on 31 October is your collective choice of one of the following: 


Trick, or treat?   

Challenge #5 - serving the community

This challenge will be a lot different than the rest, but a necessary one since it echoes our teams goal of providing a positive impact on our society.  This is pretty straight forward.  All you need to do is post a picture proving one of the following:


You voted (the sticker usually proves that)  

You got your flu shot 

You volunteered at any race for more than four hours


Doing any one of those will get you a point, up to two points. Now... Sure you can just cheat and put a band-aid on your arm or borrow a friend's sticker, and you can likely get away with it now but there will be multiple integrity-checks at the T3.  If you have to fake any of the above challenges then it'll be very clear when you attempt to fake your way into earning that patch!