Another successful Ultrabeast! Article updated for 2017!

What a crazy weekend it has been for our team!  Your recognition and thanks for our article was heard very well out there and your positive words will never be forgotten!  It looks like people are really learning a lot from this website and it only keeps getting better.  

In fact, the article just got better!  All of the lessons from 2017 have now been imported into the article.  Certain things were removed that don't apply anymore, and many new things have been added and edited for clarity and importance.  Later on down the road expect to see a video of the course as well as some fresh new pictures of the Killington venue in addition to the other UltraBeast venues of 2017.  

Two of our elites finished the UB this year including Josh Andrews, who got his redemption after a 2016 DNF.  He brought his green armband from 2016 with him through the entire race and symbolically removed it and placed it into the fire at the finish line, which is totally badass!  


Many more updates to come in the near future including the next T3 venue, some store updates and meetup locations.