Crazy fun, the Ultrabeast and how to finish it like an absolute boss.

Our members have been up to some crazy stuff lately!  When asked about what they did just this weekend, here is what we've deciphered:

  • Earned a trifecta at west virginia
  • Destroyed a freaking structure with a grenade launcher
  • Acquired a new 4-wheeler ATV
  • Broken scapula while mountain biking like a wild helion
  • Rocky mountain hiking
  • 40lb ruck run


So, yeah.  Things are a wee bit crazy over here in team R.  Speaking of things getting crazy, we've got this little thing happening soon:

Disregard that it says Rutland, because the venue would be nearby in...Killington!  With such little time remaining, it'd be prudent to check out our updated UB prep guide here.  In it contains 4+ years worth of lessons learned on how to conquer this thing like an absolute boss!