What are burpee points?

Burpee points (or burpee bucks) is a point system used all throughout the pregame challenges leading up to and through the T3.  T3 enlisted can earn burpee points by paying attention to the T3 live updates and the Facebook event page challenges that get periodically posted in the weeks leading up to the actual event.  

Great!  You've earned burpee points by doing these silly little challenges.  Now what?  Next you'll be presented with pre-game unlocks.  These perk unlocks are unlocked through the pooled burpee points that are submitted by the team to unlock anything that you think your team needs the most.  For example, here is the list of perks that the last class unlocked:

That's cool.  So what if we have points remaining when we go into the actual event?  No problem.  Burpee points are used inside the T3 as well.  For example, when you are called on to do burpees in a challenge, for each point you cash in you are relieved of doing four (4) of your overall required burpees.  It doesn't seem like much but you will appreciate it when the time comes.  Other times that burpee points were used during T3 events were to collectively cash in and make certain challenges ruckless such as ladder pushups.  You do NOT want to do ladder pushups with your ruck.

So in conclusion, the premise of burpee points is that if you take the challenge seriously, pay attention to detail (like checking on the website), help your teammates out and show that you really want to be a part of the team you will be rewarded.