The sun is rising

High of 75 and a low of 63. These guys got the least-cold day of January to do a T3...

So the team has received instructions on where to park and where to line up at the new port Richey rec center. At 9:42 they have the option to partake in a bonus challenge. This can be as simple as agreeing to receive a point, or as bad as doing a hundred burpees with no reward. It's a gamble.  


At 1015 they must all be lined up in alphabetical order according to their last names with their gear laid out in a specific way. This is their first task in attention to detail. The purpose of this task is to train for events that have this kind of opening such as goruck heavies and other team-oriented endurance events. 

Everything today will be derived from some kind of big event out there. If you complete the T3, you can completeany of the 'impossible' events out there.   

 Time for some breakfast!