Mandatory gear list and vital information. LISTEN UP

The time is upon us!  Less than a week separates us from our teams version of Christmas!  Are you excited for the funishment?!  Normally, this information is sent out via email to all of the candidates, but we’ve got some last minutes stragglers coming in and it’d be easier just to post it all right here and save us the administrative hassle.  So, let’s get this started.  


The heat

First and foremost, it will be hot. You’re doing a T3 in the middle of the hottest time in Florida. Heat exhaustion is a very real and very concerning threat that we have to keep in mind.  We will be putting you in the cold spring water periodically throughout the day, but you’ll be encountering times when you’re going to be far from a cold dip in the water. Dress accordingly, and don’t be ashamed if you have to drop because of the heat.  We’ve had some of our strongest members become heat casualties at these events.  It happens to the best of us.


Don’t be late.  

This is always a thing that invokes severe punishment. Plan for that flat tire. Plan for that upset stomach in the morning or whatever delay may befall you. The park opens at 8am, which means the 8:05 start time means there is little room for error.  Get at the park early and wait in line if you must.  For every five minutes you are late, the entire team that’s currently waiting for you must do 20 burpees. This will go on every five minutes until you arrive.  Don’t be a blue falcon.  It costs $ to enter the state park, so carpool if you feel confident that those riding with you won’t be late.   The last T3 at this venue had the same start time under the same conditions and everybody made it just in time, so your excuse for being late is not valid.


The meetup point 

We will be meeting up at the volleyball court.  When you enter the park to get a parking space, you’re going to turn to your right and keep driving until you see the volleyball courts to your right. The instructor will be there early with regiment flag in hand so you should notice the group right away.  This will be our checkpoint and rest point throughout the day.


Lap two

The exact instructions for lap two have been posted literally two months ago. Go back and review it again. Hell, print out a copy of the route to bring with you during your run if you have to. The point is, if you get lost it is your own damn fault. There will be one, maybe two water stations posted along this route but it will be mandatory to bring a source of hydration with you. This will be during the hottest time of the day with the sun bearing down on you 70% of the time.  Keep in mind that you are not running at 100% either, courtesy of laps 0 and 1. Run with a buddy.  Unless you plan on being the leader of the pack, you better have somebody in eyesight of you. What if you collapse?  What if you run out of water?  Do you have a way of contacting one of the shadows/event staff if something goes wrong?  You need to have an answer to all of these or else you will be disqualified.  It’s not to be mean, it’s to make sure you finish this very hot and dangerous run safely. 


Individual mandatory gear 

- food and hydration to refill after every lap

- ruck with 17% body weight. (-2% if the perk gets unlocked) 

- emergency contact and any medical issues we need to know about written on an index card preferably sealed in a bag to waterproof it.  

- your favorite race photo of yourself

- one plastic spoon. Just a regular plastic spoon, no funny business.  

- one red solo cup. Again, just a regular cup.   Hope your cup doesn’t break...

- whatever is needed to attach a race bib to yourself or your ruck


Mandatory gear the team must bring as a whole 

- one fidget spinner

- one Bluetooth speaker. You know, to bring sally up. There’s no secret to it anymore.  

- battery pack for charging a phone (so we can provide live updates throughout the day!) 

- laminated portrait of Carlton from fresh prince of bel air with the date of the t3 written on the back.