Challenge #3 reward unlocked

Well, that was easy.  As promised, here is the info dump!

  • Running route has been posted earlier.  Study it and learn it well.  Don't die.
  • Trivia subject for this T3 will be the solar system.  Subjects will include the following:
    • Major moons
    • Planets/dwarf planets and their basic features
    • Names of major missions and what they did (e.x. Voyager missions, New Horizons, etc.)
  • Team has earned one "Pass" on these trivia questions.
  • The geography test for lap 4 will be based on the grayed out countries below and the red-dotted micro-nations as well.  Each person will get to label no more than five countries when it's time to take the test.  Sorry, you can't just depend on one studious person to carry the brains of the team.  By the way, no T3 has ever 100% passed the geography test.  Punishment for failing the test absolutely sucks and you really, really want to get this one right.  Don't die.